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5 of the Best Valentine’s Day Flower Ideas

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5 of the Best Valentine’s Day Flower Ideas

You can't pass beauty and romantic fresh and fragrant flowers if it's your perfect way to wow your special Valentine's Day.

However, it can be difficult to choose the right bouquet or scheme. Do you adhere to the tradition and go to the iconic red rose that is long-dressed? Or maybe your Valentines like a bunch of show-stop lily may want something a bit different? The color, size, and presentation are then discussed. While most people prefer to play it safe and choose red roses, others prefer creativity and a colorful arrangement. Keep it tiny and easy or go out? And how much do Valentine's Day cost a dozen roses?

A large choice is made especially for Valentine's Day, so that's definitely a hard choice. However, the good news is that you can find the perfect flowers, with a little thought and expert advice, to make 14 February unforgettable for all the correct reasons. (Don't just leave it until the last minute and end up wondering frenetically where to get Valentine's Day flowers!)

To help you reduce this to a perfect present our florists have created their top 5 flower ideas for the Valentine's Day, which will make you smile on a lover's face.

1.  A Bouquet of Long-Stemmed Red Roses

There is no better way to show romantic love than with a magic bouquet of red long field roses when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. Universally recognized as a sign of love, it is the best way to say your girlfriend, friend, or someone you respect on Valentine's Day.

Red rose bouquets are available in a wide range of sizes, which depend on your budget, relationship, and type of message. If you, for instance, mark a landmark in this day of Valentine's relationship, take the extra mile and put your flora into lovely stuff like a candle and teddy bears.

If a pile of red roses is always passion, the main implication is the number of stalks in a bouquet. For instance, giving your partner a bouquet of 12 red roses tells you that their love is great. It is a great message for those who are in a new partnership or marriage that continues to change to share their satisfaction in a new relationship.

If you want to please and appreciate Valentine's Day so seriously, the elaborate 100 red rose bouquet shows others that there is no limit in the meaning of your affection.

2. Roses in a Presentation Box

Why not place them in an elegant box for a modern twist on the traditional Valentine's Day gift of long-distance red roses? Beautifully boxed red roses add an extra dose of elegance and luxury to your gift.

Again, to add to the effect, you can choose your roses by number. On the first glance a single trunk represents love, or for existing romances, it states eloquently, "you are always one." A donation of nine roses signals your excitement, and the classic donation of a dozen red roses just says "be mine."

Although red is Valentine Day's famous option, any color of the roses in a box looks great. Either you pick timeless whites, happy yellow, or beautiful rose flowers, you will be sure to offer a smile and make a Valentine's Day in unforgettable style to your spouse or loved home or workplace.

3. Oriental or Tiger Lilies

High, audacious and beautiful lilies, whether you are a lilies lover or if you are interested in anything new, are a fabulous choice. The oriental as well as the stargazer lily make a beautiful gift, whether you want a special or mixed bouquet of colors. You also fit almost every flor, adding sophistication and charm to mixed arrangements.

Stylish and show stopping, tiger lilies are another popular choice as a Valentine’s Day flower. They’re not just beautiful, they also symbolise fierce passion, perfect if you want to set the scene for a memorable day (and night!) to come.

4. Rainbow Roses

Rainbow pink is the perfect choice if you love the elegance of roses, but want your Valentine's day gift to stand out from the crowd. Enjoy your partner and someone that you respect with this special, vivid floral creation with all the rainbow's colours.

Every rainbow petal has been artificially tinted to make an impressive color kaleidoscope. If you want to bouquet the wonderful blooms or have them shipped in a classy showcase, rainbow roses make Valentine's Day an unforgettable gift.

5. A Premium Luxury Arrangement

A luxury floral arrangement crosses all the boxes whether you're celebrating a special achievement this Valentine's Day, or just want to go all out for your significant other. Beautiful, elegant and sophisticated, the best way for anyone to announce "I love you" is to make a premium arrangement.

Luxury arrangements are bound to transform heads from the elegance and simplicity of roses to the eye-catching appeal of a vibrant mixed bouquet.

The advantage of a luxury collection is that, not only does your beloved receive a beautiful bunch of carefully picked and arranged high quality flowers when you order a product, they will also be prepared to be put in an elegant vase or box. So, you don't have to chase something to put your flowers on – you can simply pop and admire it right now on your desk or table.

So Which Valentine’s Day Flowers Will You Choose?

There are so many choices when it comes to Valentine's Day roses, it can easily be overwhelming. If you have a clear grasp of what is open, you will however be on track to find the ideal Valentine's Day gift and submit your message knowing what your partner likes. Your florist is a fantastic source of ideas, inspiration and expert advice if you somehow can't find the right one.

So if it is tradition and romance, or something else, such as lilies or rainbow roses, you are choosing the right flora, the right one will make your Valentine's Day extra special.

You are ready, but cannot seem to be right at the bunch to order your flowers from Valentine' s day? For specialist guidance that will help you find the best present, contact our customer service team.




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