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Decorating Your Halloween House
Oct 26, 2021

Decorating Your Halloween House

Halloween provides you with a plethora of decorating options for your own home. What better time than now to go all out with your front porch decorations? Your front porch is the first thing people notice, and accessorizing it gives your home instant curb appeal, so here are some Halloween porch decorating tips to get you in the holiday spirit:


Use Odd Number of Items

Interior design experts recommend grouping items in groups of three or five. An odd number of items, such as three pumpkins on your front steps, is more visually appealing than everything being in symmetrical pairs. While this does not mean you should decorate in twos (for example, two corn stalks framing your front porch), you should include some odd groupings for a more visually interesting layout.

Decorate Your Door

Too frequently, homeowners will simply hang a Halloween wreath on their front door and call it a day. They fail to recognize that their front door serves as a blank canvas for their Halloween creativity. It's a good idea to cover it in paper or creative wrapping paper as a base. From there, you can embellish your door with creative cut-outs (such as ghosts or bats), ribbons, and googly eyes to make it a part of your holiday decor.

Use Traditional Halloween Colors

Orange and black are traditional Halloween colors, and you'll see them in a variety of decorations. They are, however, not the only colors you should use on your front porch display. Using unusual colors, such as monochrome white pumpkins, is eye-catching and creative. Using deep purples, golden yellows, and burnt reds in your decorations creates a more interesting setup while remaining true to the holiday's spooky feel

Add Depth to Your Decor

The best Halloween porch decorations make use of every available space, including the ceiling. If you have a covered porch, make an optical illusion with floating bats, ghosts, or witches using fishing wire. This will add depth to your decor and make the hanging decorations come to life when the wind blows. By adding decorations to your porch's steps, front door, and ceiling, you'll be able to cover all of your bases for a complete Halloween display

Don't Forget to Add Fresh Flowers

Don't forget to add some fresh flowers to your porch decor as a finishing touch. Orange or purple mums are hardy and will add color to your Halloween arrangement, while a fresh autumn floral arrangement will look great on your patio table. Fresh flowers complement the natural feel of most Halloween decorations, which are anchored around natural elements like gourds and corn stalks.



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Flowers As A Gift For Scorpios
Oct 26, 2021

Flowers As A Gift For Scorpios

Scorpios are known for being commanding, passionate, spirited, and hardworking. If you have a Scorpio loved one and are unsure what to get them for their upcoming birthday, there are a few places to start.


Give a Suitable Gift

Scorpios are dark and mysterious, and their gifts should reflect this aspect of their personality. Gifting a set of thriller or crime novels to a loved one is sure to impress, as these types of books are right up Scorpios' alley.

Scorpios, in addition to being mysterious, enjoy standing out from the crowd. A birthday is an excellent opportunity to update your loved one's wardrobe by purchasing a stunning new jacket or a one-of-a-kind pair of boots that will leave them speechless. If you're nervous about trying to pick out clothes for your significant other, you could go the safer route and give them a gift certificate to their favorite store, but make it more special by wrapping it in a funky or unique scarf instead of a gift bag.

Consider these Scorpio Flowers

Surprising a Scorpio can be difficult, but you might be able to fool them by sending birthday flowers to their office. Scorpios, the most intense Zodiac sign, are complex, powerful, and passionate. Nothing says it better than fragrant, fiery flowers! Consider these Scorpio flowers from SophyCrownFlowers:


Peach Blossom


This scrumptious bouquet is created by a glorious medley of orange and amber blooming. It has the freshest roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums and seasonal leaves carefully crafted handmade

Sweet Thoughts


In our gorgeous bouquet striking pinks combined with white without effort. This bouquet makes a wonderful gift of deep roses and chrysanthemums for a loved one or friend.

Creamy Dessert


Our bouquet is a stunning, pastel-filled collection of roses with fabulous germini, delphinium and lisianthus. All of them have been handmade by our professional florists and packaged in our custom-made packaging.


Looking for other Scorpio flowers to send to a loved one on their upcoming birthday? SophyCrownFlowers offers a wide range of options. Today, take a look at our bouquets.

Cyclamen: Perfect Winter Companion
Oct 23, 2021

Cyclamen: Perfect Winter Companion

Winter is when you'll find brightly colored flowering cyclamen for sale. The deep green of their leaves contrasts with the rich colors of their flowers to decorate and enliven your home. People frequently complain that their cyclamen die after a short period of time. Cyclamen, on the other hand, if properly cared for, will stay with you and bloom until March.

Cyclamen are a bright way to keep those dreary winter feelings at bay. They come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, purple, and red, with some species combining two colors. At this time of year, all cyclamen on the market are hybrids derived from the Cyclamen persicum. They despise the cold and the heat. The ideal temperature for keeping them is between 12 and 16 °C, but no higher than 20 °C. They prefer humid air and plenty of light, but not direct sunlight. The combination of these requirements makes it difficult to find an apartment that meets all of their needs.



That would be the ticket if you have a cool spot near a window. Cyclamen don't mind if you keep them in plastic, terracotta, or ceramic pots as long as the bottoms of these pots have one or more holes. They would rather not be watered from above and despise being sprayed with water. They can be watered by soaking them in stale water at room temperature for 15 minutes in a pot, bowl, or sink. However, make sure the water level is below the rim of the plant pot. And make sure they're completely dry before reinstalling them.

Because they prefer humid environments, you should ensure that they get some humidity from somewhere. You can do so by placing the cyclamen pot inside a larger, deeper pot that is partially filled with stones. Keep the stones wet to allow water to evaporate; make sure water does not reach the flower pot because cyclamen tubers rot when left in standing water. Standing the pots on stones or gravel will work just as well on a tray if you have several plants. Spraying water on cyclamen to increase air humidity is a sure way to kill the flowers.



Plant food should be used with extreme caution. The plants grow in mountainous areas that have a Mediterranean climate. They can be found in crevices and crags. They are accustomed to being deprived of nutrients. If you give them too much food, they will go leaf crazy; they will stop making flowers and produce so many leaves that they will resemble cabbages.

Cyclamen hybrids are available in three sizes: small (also known as mini), medium, and large. Your plant's size is unavoidable. If you get a small one, don't expect it to grow into a big one. Even if you talk to it every day, it won't do that for you. The advantage is that there are no unpleasant surprises, such as a giant suddenly taking up all of your apartment space.

Famous Songs About Flowers
Oct 18, 2021

Famous Songs About Flowers

Flowers are regarded by many as the world's natural works of art. When you consider how magnificent some of the world's most beautiful flowers are, it's easy to see why. This is why there are some works of art that are entirely based on one or more flowers. Flowers and art can be brought together in a variety of ways, including painting.

Music is a great way to incorporate flowers into the mix because it is also considered an artistic form of expression. To that end, there are a slew of songs out there that are either about flowers or use flowers as metaphors to convey a message. The following songs are the focus of this article:

Ace of Base – Life Is a Flower

This is yet another song about flowers, and it comes from the Swedish pop group Ace of Base. This is the same band that brought you the fantastic Dark Clouds. This song was written with the intention of focusing on the more positive aspects of life. As previously stated, the beauty of flowers is so amazing that it is frequently compared to and described as art.

Ace of Base wanted people to realize that the glass of life is not only half full, but also a beautiful glass. Flowers are included because they are known for their ability to make people smile. This is especially true for bright flowers like sunflowers, which are known for their incredibly cheerful disposition.

Seal – Kiss from a Rose

This song, which was released in the mid-1990s, is a smash hit that has sold over eight million records worldwide. Seal is a British singer who performed the song. Aside from the incredible record sales, the song has won a number of awards. Many people who were familiar with Kiss from a Rose at the time were curious about the motivation behind its creation. It's an incredibly beautiful song, so it's no surprise that fans were curious. Unfortunately, Seal never went into great detail about his motivation. Instead, he stated that the song was inspired by a relationship, which also served as inspiration for the lyrics.

This is a song that sticks with you because it was featured on the Batman soundtrack for a long time. Seal, unbelievably, did not believe in the song when he first recorded it. He was initially disappointed, but he eventually decided to have it released. The rest, as they say, is history, as the track is one of the reasons he became as famous as he did.

Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses

This song stands in stark contrast to the Hard Rock and big hair culture associated with the late 1980s, when Bon Jovi first became a household name. Bed of Roses was one of the songs on Bon Jovi's Keep the Faith album, and it was the album's best-seller. The album was released in 1992, but due to the song's success, it was released as a single the following year.

This song was just one of many that exemplified the band's more mature sound. This song is considered long by today's standards, clocking in at over six and a half minutes. Jovi was always regarded as one of the best songwriters of his generation, and this song was written in a hotel room while he was hungover and missing his wife.

Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn

This is a song that grew far bigger than the rock band Poison could have imagined. In fact, this is widely regarded as the band's number one hit, and the statistics back this up. Bret Michaels, the band's lead singer as well as a songwriter, is credited with writing the song.

After spending the day watching women mud wrestle for his attention, Michaels performed this song on Rock of Love to show his sensitive side. The song, which was written in a laundromat, has a country feel to it. Michael's girlfriend at the time was an exotic dancer. He dialed her number and was very upset when he heard a male voice in the background.

After writing and singing the critically acclaimed song, he went on to explain that the rose represented the band's growth. The thorn represented the idea that his continued success had an impact on his relationship. In any case, everyone can appreciate that, while the song is realistic, it is also sad.


Not only are flowers beautiful, but they also embody a slew of characteristics that makes them perfect representations of various feelings and happenings in the world. This is the reason that there are so many songs about flowers that you can enjoy. Even if the message isn’t entirely about the flower, there is some metaphor used that makes the flower relevant. Four of these songs were covered above, and they are known worldwide as some of the best.


Collection Summer & Autumn
Oct 15, 2021

Collection Summer & Autumn

The launch of our new Summer Autumn Floral Collection is something we're very excited about. Flowers available locally change with the seasons. The stunning flowers available during the summer and autumn seasons, as well as the overall atmosphere of the season, are reflected in our latest seasonal collection. We're confident you'll enjoy our new collection, which includes a variety of lively, whimsical, and colorful arrangements and bouquets. Check out the entire Summer Autumn Collection online, or scroll down to see some of our favorite picks for the season!

Shades of Autumn

Fill their day with a bouquet of mixed roses. A beautiful classic choice, mixed roses are the perfect gift to send to a friend or loved one on cold autumn days.

Rainbow Power

Everyone's going to enjoy this present. It's a vivid color kaleidoscope, ensuring that this striking hand-tied takes the center stage right away. Rosé, anthurium, gerbera and chrysanthemum, as well as many other flowers picked in a season, beautifully arranged in a vase, this is definitely the right option.


Autumn Glow

Send this incredibly appealing autumn arrangement to a special someone in your life! Perfect for any day of the week or a special seasonal holiday, this floral arrangement is sure to bring a smile to their face.


Peach Blossom

This scrumptious bouquet is created by a glorious medley of orange and amber blooming. It has the freshest roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums and seasonal leaves carefully crafted handmade



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7 Orchid Facts Off-The-Wall

7 Orchid Facts Off-The-Wall

                                7 Orchid Facts Off-The-Wall

Orchids can provide virtually any setting with life and colour. 
If you buy those flowers online or want to send them for someone's home 
or office, you know that your buck with orchids will get lot of bang. 
Yet one of your favorite flowers needs to be known further. 
Here are seven orchid details which you may not have learned.

Orchids are symmetrical

An orchid flower's one of the most fascinating aspects is its symmetrical
 appearance. Like the human face, dividing flower into an orchid is 
more or less the same on both sides vertically down the middle. 
The floral symmetries are known.

Tons of types are available

Scientists said there are more than 25,000 orchids, leaving us all fully
 spoiled for options! Perhaps further, new animals are constantly found. 
Sophy Crown Flowers is proud to wear variety of colors and designs 
with many styles of flowers.

Vanilla comes from an orchid

Vanilla is super popular food, whether it is used in the world's favorite
 items or whether its fragrance is enjoyed. Are you aware that vanilla
 products from 
vanilla bean come from an orchid species? So, you do it now!

They’re nearly everywhere

In range of locations around the world, the orchid grows. 
In reality, on six of the seven continents you will find orchid. 
Antarctica is, as you might imagine, the only continent that does 
not rise in orchids.

Orchids can trick insects

Flowers depend on variety of factors, including insect-friendly pollination. 
By looking like them, orchids attract insects. The insects come to the flower 
because they assume they're future friend. The bug is coated with 
orchid pollen as it falls. This pollen is then removed and 
distributed to the next flowers it attracts.

For while, they've been around

In 2007, scientists uncovered orchid pollen behind an amber embedded
 fossilized bee. It is estimated that this fossil is 10-15 million years old,
 but some other studies have found evidence that shows that orchid
 species have been around for 120 million years.

Some assume that orchids can be medicinal

Many people worldwide believe that orchids can lead 
to curing common diseases like toxins or headaches. 
For hundreds of years the Chinese have been using medicinal orchids. 

Now you know little more about the orchids that you so love.

 If you want to order those orchids online when reading all that,

 go to Sophy Crown Flowers.ie today and search all the wonderful choices.