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A Few Advantages of Having Flowers in Your Home

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We're all spending more time at home these days, so why not make it more beautiful by bringing nature inside? Adding flowers to your home décor is a great way to liven up any space, and there are numerous advantages to bringing beautiful blooms indoors.

Sophy Crown Flowers understands firsthand the advantages that bouquets and potted plants can have in your home. Here's why she thinks it's a good idea to decorate your home with flowers.

Cultivate certain moods 

Your home sets the tone for your day and can have an impact on your happiness and outlook on life. You can control your mood by surrounding yourself with flowers that cultivate the mindset you desire.


“When I see a bouquet with a softer palette, it makes me feel calm and serene, so it lowers my stress level,” says Sophy Crown. “I prefer soft pastels because they are relaxing to me. I also like white flowers because they have a calming effect and create a peaceful environment. Bright colors are energizing and can really boost your energy, making you feel exhilarated and happy.”

Depending on the room, you can change the color of your floral arrangement — soft neutrals for a relaxing bedroom, or bright accent colors in the dining room to encourage lively conversation.

Flowers are natural conversation starters 

Choosing floral arrangements that reflect your personality allows you to stand out while also serving as a natural conversation starter in your home décor.

“I am a big fan of cymbidium orchids because of their shape, beauty, and color, as well as their longevity,” Sophy Crown says. “They are a statement flower that stands out from the crowd, elegant and statuesque to the point where even a single stem is a talking point.

Add a sense of intentionality to your space



A bouquet of fresh flowers completes any room and can even make the space feel staged for a showing. Choose your indoor flowers with care to achieve the desired aesthetic. Sophy Crown, for example, adores peonies' soft petals and almost translucent colors for their ability to calm down a busy décor space and tie competing elements together.

You’ll feel more in touch with nature 

There are numerous advantages to bringing a sense of the outdoors into your home. People are more inspired than ever before by nature and how flowers and plants can bring them closer to nature, enhance their environment, and create natural ambiance.

Bring large potted plants into your living room or use hanging baskets to hide a window. You'll benefit from the fresh, filtered air they produce, as well as the mental health advantages of being outside.

Keeping large plants in your home, on the other hand, can give the impression of more space. A natural environment in your home can make you feel like you have more space and are a part of nature, which is very enlightening.

Elevate your mood 

When you're surrounded by beauty, it's difficult to have a bad day. Flowers have been shown in studies to improve our mental health by eliciting happy emotions and even positive social behaviors.
For example, one Harvard study discovered that even one week of decorating with a fresh bouquet made participants feel more compassion for others, experience less worry and anxiety, and develop fewer feelings of depression. Best of all, these effects lasted for them while they were at work, even when there were no flowers in the office.

Positively influence your sense of smell 

Scents are a multibillion-dollar industry. Who doesn't enjoy lighting candles and diffusing essential oils from time to time? However, if you want to enjoy fresh floral scents in their purest form, nothing beats flower bouquets in your home.

Flowers have a distinct and wholesome scent that can be both uplifting and pleasurable. Every flower has a natural scent, but some have a more provocative scent that is truly unforgettable. Because your sense of smell is linked to memory, if you smell a specific flower while you're relaxed, you may feel the same relaxation and calm when you recall that scent.

Sophy Crown Flowers recommends a bouquet of lilies, roses, hyacinth, garden roses, peony, oriental lilies, freesia, lily of the valley, gardenia, or honeysuckle for their fragrance potential.

Get the satisfaction of caretaking 

When your world shrinks down to the size of your home, caring for plants within it provides a lot of satisfaction. Pruning, watering, and fertilizing potted plants gives you something to concentrate on every day. As Sophy Crown points out, having a room full of healthy plants that are only there because of you is rewarding.

Add a pop of color 


 Flowers are a great way to change things up if you've been wearing the same outfit for too long. You can add a pop of color to neutral spaces like bathrooms with a bold-hued bouquet, and you can change the color scheme every week.

Bring flowers into your home for beauty and a better mood 



Bringing flowers into your home, no matter what your goals are, will provide you with a plethora of health and happiness benefits. Consider incorporating some into your home today, and your living space will benefit as a result.

For versatility, mood-lifting potential, and the ability to make a big impact with a small investment, this all-natural décor is hard to beat.


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