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May 14, 2021


Are you stumped as to what to do with your lingering plant stand? Bring the power of greenery into your home to brighten up any room. Indoor plants not only add beauty to your home, but they also help to purify the air you breathe and provide a sense of security. If you look under the surface of their elegance, you'll find that their advantages far outweigh their aesthetic value.


The world in which you seek relaxation should be serene, a comfortable space for your body and mind to be free of stress. Plants will provide you with a safe haven. When we are naturally close to vegetation, we feel at peace in our environment. You would be a much happier person if you spend time in nature.

Greenery brings life to a room. Try these three fun ways to maximize their versatility to add style and glamour to a dull and boring room.





Within a inside a home, there's still that flat corner, so you've got to find out a way to keep it from staying that way. A tall plant stand will liven up an awkward and empty room. To add color, layer it with a lot of green. You might also go for a tall snake vine, which is relatively simple to care for. A corner plant stand will be brightened by large greeneries in colorful containers.

A center plant stand will do the trick if you want your space to be the focal point of your house. You may draw attention to it by placing an elegant planter or a bouquet of flowers on top of it.





Get rid of your conventional frames and replace them with a wall-mounted plant stand. When you only have a small amount of floor space, potted greeneries are ideal. Greeneries that stream out or cascade down from their containers may be used to create a living sculpture. They're a one-of-a-kind decoration that gives an empty space a cool airy feel.





Create an eccentric indoor antique garden with your hand-me-down porcelains and a cute table top plant stand. You can even carry them to life on a kitchen counter by installing them. Succulents are ideal for small-space decorating because they require little care. You can make an adorable mini pot by combining various succulent varieties.

Create a combined comment on the spur of the moment. Simply use your imagination to group greeneries together to produce a contrasting mix of colors that will look absolutely stunning.

Beautiful decorations are an excellent way to introduce nature into your house. Fill in the blanks with greenery or a pretty bouquet of flowers.

Distance-hat a problem: How to find suggestions the keep your loved ones close
May 12, 2021

Distance-hat a problem: How to find suggestions the keep your loved ones close

When you're separated from your family, it can be difficult to sustain friendships and relationships. Perhaps you've just flown the coop? Or maybe you're dealing with empty nest syndrome. Whether it's a new job, a recent graduation, a move for love, or simply a change of scenery, there comes a point in most people's lives when their circle of friends and family becomes fragmented, and you can't just pop around the corner for a coffee and a catch-up. Yes, there's social media and texting, but despite the rise of technology to keep us linked, it's always easy to feel disconnected and as if you're drifting apart.
So, if you're missing anyone special, here are some ideas.



 Make regular phone calls

It might seem to be an obvious solution, but arranging routine phone calls while you're separated can be difficult. In today's fast-paced world, where work, family, and general day-to-day life all catch up with you, setting aside an hour for a catch up can sometimes seem unlikely.
If that's the case, why not make your phone calls a special occasion? Set a monthly or bi-monthly date to Skype, Facetime, or conference call with a close group of friends or family.
You can also personalize your phone calls... virtual brunch anyone? Alternatively, how about a cocktail hour?

If you have a special somebody you need to stay in contact with, simply arrange a couple of calls a month, just like you're going to meet them down the pub... except your pub is a phone call. Limiting your phone calls to longer ones will make them easier to blend in and will make your call sound more like a social event.



Turn Email into a Conversation



The good old email, the best way to chat around the clock, helps you to tell the longest of tales at any time of day. How, however, can you really communicate with a computer screen?
Email is not as real or tactile as a text, and it lacks the personal aspect of a phone call.
Consider color-coding your addresses. Type responses in a different color underneath your friends' posts, so you're actively commenting on their thread. It transforms a single train of thought into a full-fledged conversation.



  Using Social Media

There is a time and place for social media... while the age-old "Happy Birthday" montage on Facebook is easy, does it really replace a card or a thoughtful bouquet of flowers? No, in our view. Special occasions should be commemorated with special gestures. However, using social media to keep up with day-to-day life is a perfect way to stay in the loop and feel genuinely connected when you live a long distance away.
There are still a lot of interesting competitions on social media right now. We've recently been enjoying Facebook's "7 days, 7 black and white pictures" challenge, which sparks a discussion by deliberately sharing photos with your friends as a challenge.



Plan a trip or break away 

Nothing beats finding something to look forward to, and for us, a vacation ranks first. Getting a trip planned in your calendar gives you something to strive for.
Why not schedule a vacation together? Assign a job to each friend or family member, such as booking a hotel, organizing travel, finding restaurants, and so on.
Working together would generate more energy and make the preparation feel like its own thing.



Send a letter


It's an age-old gesture, but it certainly works! Receiving a letter would undoubtedly brighten anyone's day. Imagine discovering a hand-written note for you among all the bills.
Messages don't even have to be long... a postcard is also a lovely thing to get. Simply taking the time to put pen to paper lets others know they are on your mind and in your heart.

So, how about you? What do you do to maintain long-distance friendships and family ties?


Peonies – the ultimate summer flowers
May 10, 2021

Peonies – the ultimate summer flowers

Without a doubt, peonies are one of the most common, beautiful, and fragrant summer flowers. They look lovely in single-flower arrangements as well as in arrangements with other flowers. However, since their blooming time is so brief, if you act quickly enough to place your order, the flower's memories will linger with you until the following season.




Peonies come in a variety of colors, but most people identify them by their hue. Pink peonies are the most popular (although there are several shades of pink), red and white peonies are also common, and yellow peonies are the rarest (especially, the completely yellow variation without red in the center).

Peonies are mainly herbaceous plants that reach a height of 1-3 feet. Some grow up to 11 feet tall and are found as woody shrubs. They have long lobed leaves with purple, red, white, pink, or yellow flowers.

Peonies bloom for just a few days, so you'll only see them for around 7Peonies have many flowers and a pleasant fragrance. They also exist in a variety of forms, with different petal sizes, number of stamens and arrangements.-10 days. Since peony flowers are photosensitive, they close up at night or when the sky is overcast.



Maintenance & Growth

Peonies are native to Asia, mostly China, as well as parts of Europe and North America. Peonies may be grown as a tree or as a herbaceous plant. During the summer, the underground stem produces buds for regeneration.

The large buds will normally form a new branch with flowers at the end, while the smaller buds will remain. Peonies with a tree-like growth form buds from the tip. It sheds its leaves, and the new stems become woody.

The hybrid peonies (Itoh) look like herbaceous peonies but have tree-like leaves. They grow large flowers from late spring to autumn because they are wilt-resistant.

Peonies, both Itoh and herbaceous, are bred and preserved by dividing their root or seed. Tree Peonies, on the other hand, are more adaptable in terms of propagation, since they can be propagated by root division, seed, or grafting.

Peonies may be planted in the fall or the spring. You should avoid planting them too deeply in the soil, as this typically results in stunted growth. Organic matter, which encourages good peonies, should be added to the soil.

Peonies need deadheading in late spring and plenty of water in the summer for proper care. Cut back stems to the soil level during the fall season. In this manner, the risk of disease will be reduced in the coming year.





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An Overview of Sympathy Card Message Ideas: Tips and Tricks
Apr 22, 2021

An Overview of Sympathy Card Message Ideas: Tips and Tricks

Even though grief is a common part of life, comforting someone during this time is never easy. Many people are at a loss for words when a family member, neighbor, or other loved one has recently died. Here's where sympathy cards come in handy. Simultaneously, the message in the sympathy card is more critical than the card's layout or design. As a result, it is important for all to consider what should be included in their sympathy card. There are a few things to consider.


Sympathy Cards: The Loss of a Parent 

A few ideas that people might want to include if an individual has recently lost a parent are:

  • “I was in constant admiration of how selfless and caring your mother was. When she was in the room, everyone was instantly happier.
  • “Your mother was an incredibly special person. There is no one else on this planet like her. I will always remember her.”
  • “I still remember the first time I met your father. His warmth, generosity, and compassion for others exuded from him immediately.”
  • “Your father was always available to lend a helping hand to those in need. He was one of the most generous people I ever met.”

Sympathy Cards: The Loss of a Spouse



For someone who has lost a spouse, a few ideas include: 

  • “There is nothing that can ever compare to the love of a spouse. I am here to support you during this challenging time.”
  • “There is nobody who can ever replace the amazing individual that was your spouse. If you need anything, I am here.”
  • “Even though your spouse may be gone, the memories will remain. Cherish those during this difficult time.

Sympathy Cards: The Loss of a Child

If an individual has recently lost a child, a few ideas for what to say include: 

  • “No parent should ever have to bury their child. While I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling, I am here if you ever need anything.”
  • “The love your child brought to everyone in the room was instantly obvious to anyone who met him or her. I am here to support you during this tragic time.”
  • “Your child had a personality that could always light up the room. My heart breaks for you during this challenging time.”

Put These Sympathy Card Ideas To Use

There are just a few suggestions for sympathy card writing. Even though writing a sympathy message is never easy, it is the thought that counts. As a result, take a few moments to consider what you would say to someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one.




Flowers against loneliness
Apr 15, 2021

Flowers against loneliness

Many of us could have felt more alone in 2021 than at any other time of our lives.

We had to learn to enjoy our own company or the company of another via a mirror when the pandemic cut us off from our loved ones.

So, what can we do with it? Ok, there's no magic wand, but we think flowers are still a good way to let your friends or relatives know you're thinking about them – and that you're in the same boat.

Flowers to combat loneliness

Flowers draw people closer and can be used to deliver a greeting without having to say something. Every flower has a unique significance and can speak for itself.

It's much cooler when the gorgeous bouquet arrives as a surprise on their doorstep, ready to wow them the moment they walk in the gates. In these weird days, it's a way of reaching out that isn't through a phone to give some affection.

Here are only a few of the best flowers to combat depression, if you want to cheer someone up, bring a splash of color to their day, or say "I love you" if you can't visit.



Is there ever a wrong time to send a rose bouquet? No, we don't believe so. Plus, depending on the color and number of flowers you give, this ever-popular bloom can have a variety of meanings.

Give a bouquet of pink roses to reassure a friend that they are not alone. Pink roses are thought to reflect joy and appreciation. Choose only three pink roses – maybe with some greenery and gypsophila thrown in for good measure – and you're simply expressing your love for them.



If you're feeling guilty about not communicating as much as you'd like – don't be too harsh on yourself; we're all going through the same thing! – Instead of sending a bouquet, consider sending a blue hyacinth plant. These bell-shaped blooms are said to symbolize forgiveness and are an excellent way to express regret while also showing that you care.

Hyacinths, on the other hand, only bloom in the spring, so don't wait; substitute white tulips and you'll send the same message: "I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, but I'm here for you."



Send a bouquet of these seasonal blooms their way to brighten their day. Those classic yellow petals and fuzzy faces – which are actually made up of hundreds of smaller sunflowers! – will immediately brighten their day and let them know you care.

Send a nice note along with the bouquet to let them know you're there for them if they need anything.




With a cheerful bunch of daffodils delivered right to their house, add a ray of sunshine to the cold days of early spring.

These bright blooms are best sent in a larger posy and are said to symbolize fresh beginnings, making them perfect for a new or soon-to-be mother.

Let them know you're not leaving and that you're available on the other end of the phone if they have any questions.

Other ways to deal with isolation

We also have different ways of dealing with feelings of isolation. Here are some strategies to consider if you're feeling isolated:

 Reach out -A acquaintance, a family member, or a coworker. To start a conversation, reach out to someone and ask how they are or what they have been up to. It could be an email, a phone call, or simply commenting on their most recent Instagram post. Alternatively, plan a socially distant walk together where you can catch up in person.

Talk to someone you've not spoken to for a while -That old colleague, a high school acquaintance, the girl you met at the gym who asked for advice on how to use the weight machine... If things have gotten a little stale, text them and start talking again. They'll be grateful that you reached out, and you'll feel less alone as a result.

Try to plan in something social - We know we're sick of chatting with screens, but scheduling anything social, whether it's a Zoom call or a FaceTime catch-up, gives us something to anticipate. It's like going on a date with our mates, except we don't have to leave our computers. A win-win situation! Organize a flower arrangement session with your friends by clicking on the joy that flowers offer us.

Interact with your housemates-Do you live in a flat share but just say hello to the other professionals in the building? It's time to face your fears and start talking to the people you live with. Get to know each other better by chatting in the kitchen, organizing a walk together, or planning a house dinner. In the room next door, you could find a new best friend.

Get out of the house-We know it's easier said than done (especially right now), but going for a walk around the block and greeting people who pass by, or going to the store or your local cafe and striking up a conversation with the people who work there, can help.


Of course, it's important that we follow guidelines and preserve social distance at this point, however many of these can be enjoyed over a video call or from two meters away outside.


Can a Woman Send Flowers To A Man?

Can a Woman Send Flowers To A Man?

Can a Woman Send Flowers To A Man?

We have been traditionally taught that the flowers are a change for girls and other women. There's no reason why you can't send flowers to your boyfriend, brother, father or any other guy in your life. Changing the game's time!

It is certainly not unmanly to send flowers into one guy. Men might actually like to receive them as a gift because the entire experience in the delivery of flower makes them feel so special when they come with a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day. Or if you deliver an extravagant vase with a loving note to your office.

However, we understand you may be nervous that you shower with floral love a specific man in your life. You can choose the right bud for the boy in your mind, we answered your questions below.

What Does it Mean When a Woman Gives a Man Flowers?

It means the same when you give a man flowers as a man sends him flowers. Flowers are an excellent way of letting him know what you feel and the value of his presence. Any way, there's a flower to talk about it, as long as you're selecting the appropriate color and form of flora to transmit your message. The idea's warming up? Follow our florists for the right flowers to give your man:

Love Him with Red Roses

The rose is a sign of romantic love that can easily be identified. The red rose is your bloom when you say you want to love him, boyfriend or husband. A bouquet fits best; but you might want to surprise him with something more if you are in a stable relationship or if you celebrate an anniversary. A boxed or vase floral arrangement fills the air with Romanticism for certain special occasions

Be Platonic with your Man with Pink Roses

Not all with flowers is passion and romance. Admiration or love can also be conveyed. Pink roses are particularly perfect for the special men you share in your lives with. You should send family members, top friends, university or working mentors, colleagues and other significant role models a bouquet of pink roses.

Celebrate Friendship and Joy with Yellow Roses or Lilies

High-colored and sunny flowers such as roses and lily are what is needed for a friend or colleague to give a floral donation. If you wish them happy birthdays or want them to be, you may suggest to him that you think of him on the occasion of his special day by some posy, arrangement or bouquet with his buds.

The color of positiveness is also yellow. If there are reasons for celebrating, you'll enjoy thinking about him as wonderful as these activities with a flower arrangement: PromotionsSporting victories, Graduations.

All that matters is that the occasion and the message are joyous and positive.

Say I’m Sorry with White Flowers

You must apologize and give apologies if you have a dispute with your boyfriend or the man you care about or have a hard time in white flowers. Give it a bouquet of white roses, lily, orchids or gerberas apology flowers to tell it that he is in the thought, and can rely on you for assistance.

Your floral arrangement or bouquet has its meaning, not the gender, in the type and color of the flower.

Do Guys Like Getting Flowers Delivered To Work?

If flowers are sent to a workplace, the recipient is the focus of attention by design. Who would skip a box of roses or a bouquet of lily decorating a workstation or office? A floral delivery will take away the tension and attract your attention in vibrant towns such as Dublin, Cork, and Limerick.

So yeah, men want to be at the spotlight. For information about the sender, they will recall the experience of being harassed by colleagues. In the days that follow, every time they see your gift, your flowers will be a reminder that you have thought about them.

Why Send Flowers To His Office or Workplace?

There are dozens of reasons why he is delighted to receive flowers and many opportunities to give them. If in doubt, instead of an elaborate floral arrangement, choose a bouquet or a bouquet understated.

Men want to collect presents like everyone else. A bouquet or arrangement of flowers would not distract or hurt the pride in enjoying his day at work.

Is it Weird to Gift a Guy Flowers?

The answer is simple: not at all! Many women ask this question and our advice is to note that men like to receive gifts and like everyone else to feel special. You can always combine the bouquet or arrangement with another gifts, if you are not sure that the flowers will thank him or give him the right message.

It is not strange to have flowers for a guy, but one of these gifts lets you take the focus away from the flowers if you are nervous how they respond. He would instead concentrate on the message they symbolize.

Get Flowers with Same Day Delivery delivered today

So now that you know it is all right to give him flowers, all you have to do is send these flowers! It is perfect. For those surprise last minute announcements, you'll want a florist that provides delivery on the same day, or if you forgot his birthday (it happens!).

In our range you will find everything you need to make his day special and memorable. We also offer same day delivery if you order your flowers online before 1:30 Monday to Saturday.