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Either season or season, with our range of bright bouquets and unique floral arranging, our collection of SophyCrownFlowers Easter 2021 captures the magic of the season. Here are some tips for choosing the best selection of flowers from this Easter.

Floral Gifts For Relatives



Want to receive a floral Easter gift? Sunshine, which has flowering tones of yellow, white and green, will certainly place a broad smile on your face. In addition to warm hot cross buns, these mixed bouquet arrangements will also make a nice core item on your table.

Flowers for Friends



Tell us hi to fabulous handkerchief bouquets and give the day a boost to Easter flowers. Our Easter Delight is a great choice, no matter if you're near or far. The mixture of yellow chrysanthemums, blue irises, and red gerbera is carefully presented in a glass jar for the hurricane. These luminous bouquets are a good symbol for the season as they certainly add color, joy and perfume to your lives. We know they'll love this surprise delivery whatever you choose.

Flowers For Family

You want to surprise your family with the right flowers or need to add an Easter style to your home meetings? Our solutions complement every home style and create an important moment. Sunshine would be the one for you if you're looking for something similar but grandiose. It contains yellow roses, chrysanthemums and clay placed between a luxuriant leaf. Don't forget that adding a Prosecco and Chocolate to your order adds something extra Easter.

For Those Far Away



Although it may appear different from what we expect this Easter, sending flowers is a way of sharing love with loved ones far away. Ordering Peach Blossom our same name arrangement. You will know that if they receive this pastel bouquet, set up together with Prosecco and Chocolate, you think of them. Such a delivery will certainly send you love.

Make Grand Gestures



Don't give something to them by sending them a bunch of Creamy Dessert  that is filled with dolphin, roses, germini and carnation pastel shades and a care they can cherish. Alternatively, with this fabulous Easter Surprise in a sweet white hat box with Easter chocolate eggs. Don't miss the surprise that your beloved will not forget this sweet surprise!


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