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Decorating Your Halloween House

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Halloween provides you with a plethora of decorating options for your own home. What better time than now to go all out with your front porch decorations? Your front porch is the first thing people notice, and accessorizing it gives your home instant curb appeal, so here are some Halloween porch decorating tips to get you in the holiday spirit:


Use Odd Number of Items

Interior design experts recommend grouping items in groups of three or five. An odd number of items, such as three pumpkins on your front steps, is more visually appealing than everything being in symmetrical pairs. While this does not mean you should decorate in twos (for example, two corn stalks framing your front porch), you should include some odd groupings for a more visually interesting layout.

Decorate Your Door

Too frequently, homeowners will simply hang a Halloween wreath on their front door and call it a day. They fail to recognize that their front door serves as a blank canvas for their Halloween creativity. It's a good idea to cover it in paper or creative wrapping paper as a base. From there, you can embellish your door with creative cut-outs (such as ghosts or bats), ribbons, and googly eyes to make it a part of your holiday decor.

Use Traditional Halloween Colors

Orange and black are traditional Halloween colors, and you'll see them in a variety of decorations. They are, however, not the only colors you should use on your front porch display. Using unusual colors, such as monochrome white pumpkins, is eye-catching and creative. Using deep purples, golden yellows, and burnt reds in your decorations creates a more interesting setup while remaining true to the holiday's spooky feel

Add Depth to Your Decor

The best Halloween porch decorations make use of every available space, including the ceiling. If you have a covered porch, make an optical illusion with floating bats, ghosts, or witches using fishing wire. This will add depth to your decor and make the hanging decorations come to life when the wind blows. By adding decorations to your porch's steps, front door, and ceiling, you'll be able to cover all of your bases for a complete Halloween display

Don't Forget to Add Fresh Flowers

Don't forget to add some fresh flowers to your porch decor as a finishing touch. Orange or purple mums are hardy and will add color to your Halloween arrangement, while a fresh autumn floral arrangement will look great on your patio table. Fresh flowers complement the natural feel of most Halloween decorations, which are anchored around natural elements like gourds and corn stalks.



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