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Facts About Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day, February 14th, is approaching, and we're gearing up for the largest Valentine's Day yet!
We'll be sending love messages all around Ireland, and we can't wait to see the big smiles on our recipients' faces.
In honor of this wonderful romantic day, we've compiled a list of fast Valentine's Day facts.



Around 2.5 million flowers are estimated to be distributed on Valentine's Day in Ireland by 2022. We don't even want to consider how many petals there are...

With the SophyCrownFlowers Florist team nationwide, your flowers are more than likely to be handmade and delivered on time across Ireland.

Almost 10% of Valentine's Day orders at SophyCrownFlowers are dispatched anonymously.That’s a lot of secret admirers.



A 15th century woodcut depicting a knight receiving flowers from a maiden is the oldest known proof of a Valentine's Day gift. It was usual for women to send flowers to males during these times.

While nearly 60% of our Valentine's Day clients are men who send flowers to women, the practice is beginning to shift back to more women sending flowers to men, as well as men to men and women to women. On Valentine's Day, love blooms for everyone.



The practice of sending roses as a Valentine's Day present is well-established, with a dozen deep red roses being the most popular floral gift.

On Valentine's Day, however, tastes and trends are changing, with a growth in the popularity of other colorful roses and even different species of flowers, such as lilies and tulips.

Most commonly, romantic-minded senders select flower kinds and colors that have special importance for them and their relationship, as well as the recipient's personal preferences. We find it fascinating to observe how inventive some of these orders may be.



For SophyCrownFlowers florists, Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year. To deal with the increased business volume and to ensure that no lovers are disappointed on the special day, we will work consecutive hours.

SophyCrownFlowers will send beautiful Valentine's Day flowers all around Ireland.
We guarantee the freshness, quality, and value of each order sent because the bouquets and arrangements are produced by hand by a local florist.



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