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Flower Ideas how to decorate for Baby Shower Parties

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Welcoming a baby, whether it's a family member's child or a friend's or colleague's child, is a very special occasion that deserves to be celebrated!

Hosting a baby shower is one way to do this, and what baby shower would be complete without an array of beautiful flower arrangements?

We've compiled a list of some of our favorite display ideas to help you get started...


Themed flowers

A theme will almost always be present at a baby shower. This usually involves a sweet, pastel color scheme, or floral arrangements in blue or pink shades if the baby's gender is revealed.

Flower archways, balloons, cupcakes, themed cocktails and centerpieces made of fresh blooms, as well as a slew of other creative displays, are among the other themes.

The possibilities for celebrating the birth of a baby girl at a baby shower are endless! There is no shortage of picture-perfect shades to choose from, with a variety of pink and purple shades among the most popular, ranging from pretty pastel hues to vibrant colors.

For a girly baby shower, roses, hydrangeas, peonies, gerbera daisies, baby's breath, and carnations are all popular floral choices.

Traditional blues or minimalistic shades of white and cream can be used for a shower honoring the arrival of a boy. Combine it with lush green foliage, which not only adds depth to a display but also adds a fresh element to your theme.



A well-chosen centerpiece will add color and excitement to an otherwise plain table setting. You can go all out with hanging centerpieces made of overly bright blooms, or keep it simple with pastel bouquets placed in boho-style vessels like jam jars or even cutesy baby bottles.

A well-designed table centerpiece can tie an entire tables cape together.


In addition to purchasing a variety of flowers for the occasion, you may want to incorporate a variety of other plants. You could even give each guest a houseplant.

Greenery promises to add an instant burst of freshness to any room or event space, creating a serene yet energetic atmosphere.


Floral cocktails 

Dressing drinks with edible blooms is a fantastic baby shower idea that looks (and tastes) good enough to eat! You can collaborate with a local mixologist or venue to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail that reveals the baby's gender!


Light & Bright

If you're planning a baby shower for a friend or family member and aren't sure what style they want, go with pastel or white flower arrangements, which are generally non-offensive and well-liked by all.

They can also work with nearly any theme or location. Pastel colors symbolize the innocence and softness of a new life, making them ideal for a baby shower.

Avoid any difficult-to-find or flimsy flowers for best results, as you want these arrangements to last as long as the event and for many days afterward to remind the mother and father-to-be of this special occasion.

This is especially true if the event is held at the home of the expecting parents. If the couple already has children or pets, stay away from any potentially toxic flowers.


Decorate your flowers

Adding ribbons, whimsical elements, blooms and candy to your floral arrangements is a great way to make your floral arrangements more interesting. You can even personalize these for each table's guests by including a floral-themed goodie bag.


Final touch

A baby shower can be added with a number of ways to add color and embellishment, especially through a range of beautiful blooms, many easily installed and affordable. Flowers and prefabricated arrangements can also be ordered online and directly delivered to your door or place.

Take the time to think about the mother and what she wants, when considering themes and hues – after all, it's her day! Once you have chosen a subject, you can choose the various complementary elements like ballons, food, music, a route and a cocktail meal.

To commemorate the occasion, you might want to hire entertainment or a photographer. Leaving a disposable camera on each table as a budget (yet fun) option for capturing memories from the day is a cost-effective (yet fun) option.





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