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Flowers or gift: what to order for delivery?

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Do you want to wish a happy birthday to a friend? Are you planning to send flowers for Mother's Day or Women's Day? Do you want to surprise someone you care for with a thoughtful gift? Perhaps you'd like to give something to a sick friend in the hospital? Every occasion necessitates a unique approach to choosing the most suitable flowers and gifts. Our article will assist you in making the best decision possible.


"What feelings or message do I want to send with this beautiful gesture?" is the first and most important question you should ask yourself.


Send flowers to show your love and care

Let's start with the most enticing reason for ordering a bouquet: romantic reasons. The classic option for such a case is red roses, which are followed by white and pink roses. Alternatively, we have some more exclusive suggestions for you to consider.

Red Roses are a timeless classic!


A 55-rose bouquet or a chic arrangement in a round hat box will always be a great addition to a traditional style date, whether you are meeting in a fancy restaurant or simply dining at home by candlelight. A gift like this is a direct and transparent declaration of your love feelings.

Is your crush uninterested in classics? Maybe you're aware about something out of the ordinary as well? If that's the case, you can meet Alstroemerias and Lisianthuses. Those are delicate but - at the same time - vibrant flowers that don't usually come to mind when considering flower types. You will not only reflect your heartfelt attachment but also extra care and effort to satisfy the receiver if you sent those.

Lisianthuses resemble roses in appearance, but they demonstrate your unique approach.

Is a promenade part of your date plans? Choosing a small bouquet (up to 7-13 flowers) will be a wise choice. On a stroll, a large and heavy flower arrangement can cause not only warm feelings but also real inconvenience.

Flowers for International Women's Day and Mother's Day

For their traditional holidays, ladies are often showered with flowers. How can you make your gift stick in their minds? We've devised a strategy: combine flowers of two different colors! For instance, the red and white "Royal Romance" bouquet, which includes a variety of tulips in light pink, purple, and yellow, would be a wonderful gift for mom.
The composition "Rainbow Tulips" would go well with your best friend, and your girlfriend would almost certainly be enthralled by the unusual appearance of these red and yellow-yellow roses.




Contrast bouquets leave a lasting impression and are remembered for a long time!

Tulips: yellow, white, red, or even a mixture of different shades are always a classic option, as in the romantic case above. Ordering a small but elegant tulip bouquet will help you save money - it's a great and cost-effective way to send flowers to a large group of women at work or female relatives on a flower-related holiday. Tulips, on the other hand, will assist you just as well in the opposite situation. Try a large vase or basket tulip arrangement if you're looking for a single but solid gift.

Gifts and bouquets for friends and colleagues


You don't want to express deep love feelings and instead want to find a suitable way to send your best wishes or simply say hello to an old friend? Roses and orchids could be a bad idea! We recommend Gerbera Daisy flowers and Chrysanthemums in warm or pastel colors for such an occasion. Why not try combining gerbera daisies and mums?

Gerbera daisies and mums make it easy to say "hello" to coworkers and friends without the need for a romantic context.
Is a member of your family in the hospital? Flowers aren't going to help him as much as a Fruit Basket will! Unlike a bouquet, the basket will not only brighten the hospital ward with bright colors and pleasant scents, but will also provide real health benefits in the form of vitamins when they are most needed. Finally, if you're willing to spend a little more, you could send fresh fruit in the most spectacular edible arrangement possible.


How to order delivery of a truly unique gift?



 In conclusion, we want to reassure you that "SophyCrownFlowers" is always available to assist you in delivering gifts and flowers throughout Ireland for any occasion. We're always working to expand our extensive catalog, but you should never let your creativity flow. Visit our website, and we will gladly respond with our thoughts on how to make this a reality and as close to your original desire as possible.


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