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How to Choose Meaningful Funeral Floral Arrangements

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Funerals are always solemn occasions at which we gather to celebrate the life and legacy of someone we have loved or know through a close relationship with a friend. Flowers are traditionally sent to show that we care, and as mourners pay their respects and offer their condolences to the family, they see these flowers.

Let's face it: some funeral floral arrangements can be impersonal. When we select a more pleasant and meaningful bouquet, we demonstrate our concern while also providing comfort. Here are some ideas for selecting a visually appealing funeral floral arrangement.

How to select happy and meaningful colors

While white is perfectly appropriate, especially when commemorating the death of someone you didn't know well, a more vibrant, colorful arrangement will help to lift the spirits of family and friends alike. Robert Moore, an award-winning florist, suggests choosing arrangements with the deceased person's favorite color.

“The most joyful flowers to send are ones in the deceased's favorite colors — this means there is no one-size-fits-all, and that each arrangement will be customized to the individual receiving it,” Robert Moore. explains. “Traditional happiness colors include yellow and orange, but if the deceased's favorite color was purple, that will feel more appropriate.”


According to Henry Kenny, co-founder of Trusted Choice Funeral and Burial Insurance, pleasant, less formal arrangements can benefit both the family and mourners. He claims that “many people prefer to avoid attending funerals and other memorial services.” “They find the occasion to be too difficult and emotionally charged, and they are unsure how to deal with it. It will be a wonderful gesture to provide comfort and to let the family know you are thinking of them.”

Make a funeral floral arrangement personalized

Consider the person's life when deciding on which flowers to send to a funeral. You could send their favorite flower or plant if you know what it is. Alternatively, research the meanings of various blooms and choose some that reflec.t your relationship with the deceased. Kenny suggests collaborating with your florist to create a floral tribute that is both unique and personal, such as a rustic basket filled with wildflowers to honor someone who enjoys the outdoors.

Cremation floral arrangements  consideration



Cremation floral arrangements should be distinct. Moore suggests larger basket and vase arrangements: "One of the biggest trends I've seen recently is the lavish floral displays that go around cremation urns." “The urn sits in the middle of what appears to be a small garden, and it is simply stunning,” she says. “Sometimes they are 'happy' colors like pinks, yellows, and oranges, and other times they are classic whites and greens.”

Considerations for all floral arrangements

Whatever type of funeral you choose, keep in mind that the arrangement must be visible to everyone. “You have the option of going with a three-sided design or something with a little height,” Moore says. “All flowers are excellent choices for funerals; just be mindful of how they are combined.”

Send funeral flower arrangements to the family's home.

If you prefer, you can have flowers delivered to the family's home instead of the funeral. “If you send flowers to the house, I recommend a tasteful display that is neither too large nor overly fragrant,” Moore advises. “While lilies can be lovely in a church, they can be overwhelming and oppressive in the home.” If possible, Moore recommends keeping the recipient's home decor in mind: "Choose flowers and colors that you know the recipient will appreciate and that will add beauty and harmony to the home," she says.



When someone dies, sending flowers is a wonderful way to show that you care about the family and share their grief. By taking the time to make your chosen arrangement personal and meaningful, you will ensure that everyone who gathers to remember and support one another will be comforted.



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