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Birth of a new Child

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A Special Occasion: The Birth of a New Baby

You receive a phone call or text message, or you may see it on a Facebook post. There will be a new baby!!! Time flies: ultrasound pictures, conversations about strange cravings and hopes and dreams, support calls, and finally, the baby is on its way! Of course, you want to show your support for the new parents, so contact Ottawa Flowers. But what should I get and how should I send it? Allow us to assist you in sending your congratulations with flowers.



To begin with, sending flowers to celebrate the birth of a new child is a traditional way of expressing your best wishes. Because the new parents will be spending a lot of time at home, having a beautiful arrangement that not only contributes to a calm and soothing environment but also shows your support is a wonderful gift idea.

The first choice is whether to send flowers to the hospital, the home, or both. If you decide to send flowers to the hospital, you should do so as soon as the new baby is born, preferably the same day. If there are complications, hold off on sending your bouquet or arrangement until the baby is healthy.



The following decision is based on personal preferences. You should contact the new parents or someone close to them to find out if they have any allergies or problems with the fragrance that certain flowers emit. After you've sorted out the specifics, it's time to decide what you want to send.

If the parents are more traditional, the most common color palette for girls is pink, and blue for boys. Roses, tulips, carnations, lisianthus are common flowers, usually in a fun container shaped like a truck or an animal. White, yellow, and rainbow palettes with a neutral color container are non-traditional.

Because this is such a cheerful expression, it is well worth stopping by Sophy Crown Flowers to handwrite a note of encouragement and support. You can also add Prosecco and chocolate to your order to make it even more unique.



Once again, our floral design team's expertise cannot be overstated. They've done so many new birth arrangements that a five-minute conversation can result in the ideal bouquet delivery. They can also assist you in selecting the appropriate vase or container, giving the family one less thing to worry about while changing diapers and adoring their newest family member.




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