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Peonies – the ultimate summer flowers

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Without a doubt, peonies are one of the most common, beautiful, and fragrant summer flowers. They look lovely in single-flower arrangements as well as in arrangements with other flowers. However, since their blooming time is so brief, if you act quickly enough to place your order, the flower's memories will linger with you until the following season.




Peonies come in a variety of colors, but most people identify them by their hue. Pink peonies are the most popular (although there are several shades of pink), red and white peonies are also common, and yellow peonies are the rarest (especially, the completely yellow variation without red in the center).

Peonies are mainly herbaceous plants that reach a height of 1-3 feet. Some grow up to 11 feet tall and are found as woody shrubs. They have long lobed leaves with purple, red, white, pink, or yellow flowers.

Peonies bloom for just a few days, so you'll only see them for around 7Peonies have many flowers and a pleasant fragrance. They also exist in a variety of forms, with different petal sizes, number of stamens and arrangements.-10 days. Since peony flowers are photosensitive, they close up at night or when the sky is overcast.



Maintenance & Growth

Peonies are native to Asia, mostly China, as well as parts of Europe and North America. Peonies may be grown as a tree or as a herbaceous plant. During the summer, the underground stem produces buds for regeneration.

The large buds will normally form a new branch with flowers at the end, while the smaller buds will remain. Peonies with a tree-like growth form buds from the tip. It sheds its leaves, and the new stems become woody.

The hybrid peonies (Itoh) look like herbaceous peonies but have tree-like leaves. They grow large flowers from late spring to autumn because they are wilt-resistant.

Peonies, both Itoh and herbaceous, are bred and preserved by dividing their root or seed. Tree Peonies, on the other hand, are more adaptable in terms of propagation, since they can be propagated by root division, seed, or grafting.

Peonies may be planted in the fall or the spring. You should avoid planting them too deeply in the soil, as this typically results in stunted growth. Organic matter, which encourages good peonies, should be added to the soil.

Peonies need deadheading in late spring and plenty of water in the summer for proper care. Cut back stems to the soil level during the fall season. In this manner, the risk of disease will be reduced in the coming year.





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