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How to choose the perfect Roses for Birthdays

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There are many ways to wish someone a happy birthday, but flowers are the only thing that consistently goes with any other gift you purchase. Roses are the most suggested flower of all because they best celebrate a happy occasion, like an anniversary.

White Roses

In particular, the roses from Ecuador and Colombia, which SophyCrownFlowers imports directly from the farms at the foot of the Andes, come in a wide variety of shades. However, because they have special connotations, some of these colors are more suitable to be given on birthdays. Roses are the same. For example, a bouquet of white roses is the perfect way to tell someone Happy Birthday, no matter who they are - your friend, sister, mother, grandmother, coworker, your friend. because these flowers represent sincerity, elegance, freshness and beginning.

Red Roses

Red roses are in second place because, as we all know, they are the ultimate representation of all types of love. Additionally, it is assumed that you love someone when you give them a bouquet of red roses on their birthday, even if your feelings are admirable rather than romantic or passionate. Yellow roses are also suggested as a birthday gift because they represent the emotions associated with this anniversary: joy, friendship, optimism, and good mood. Yellow roses will bring cheer to anyone's day and any space they are placed in. Orange rose bouquets will have the same impact because they also represent positive emotions, optimism, enthusiasm, and hope in their symbolism. 

We always wanted to create something valuable and reliable for our customers. Sophy Crown Flowers creates beautiful flower arrangements for every occasion. The recipient will love it because Sophy Crown Flowers guarantees ready-to-bloom flowers with a seven-day freshness. Categories range from romance to birthdays and congratulations. Choose between standard, deluxe, and premium, and we will ensure you will never regret it!

Order bouquets of roses online from SophyCrownFlowers to see how happy it will be celebrated. Not only because roses have a special elegance, but also because in this online florist we have the most beautiful roses in the world!


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