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Summer Flowers

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The warm summer months is the time for many floral varieties to shine, as they absorb all the pleasure of sunlight and enhance open spaces.

It's all too well known to us, as we're also outdoors to sunshine with our loungers and suncream.

Regardless of the time of year, a joyful bunch of flowers is always a welcome addition to your home and features a section from the ones you grow up not only gives a feeling of success but breathes life into your room too.

Wondering what are the best flowers of the summer when the temperature rises? During the sunny season, we have listed a few of the most vibrant flowers you can enjoy.


If a bright batch of sunflowers come your way, it is difficult to stay dull. These vibrant yellow flowers are high in backyards – some of them are known to reach 30ft high! – but they look wonderful in a vase at home. In late summer, sunflowers grow into autumn. In North America, sunflowers originally grew as a source of food.

These blooms were the muse for five of his paintings – artists like Vincent Van Gogh were inspired by the flower. Were you aware that the sunflower's inner centre, where seeds come from, actually comprises a thousand smaller flowers? Mind. Blown.


Ah, Rose's classic. All year round they are super popular but in the early summer they are the main ones. Roses are famous love and romance symbols – they are, after all, the symbol for Valentine's Day – but various colors of roses have different meanings.


White roses are said to be innocent and virtuous, so they are a good choice for your bridal bouquet – or because they suit your costume well. It's said that yellow roses stand for friendship so pick them up for a friend that tells them you think about them.

You can be the cheerleader of your best friend with a thrilling bunch of roses as these vibrant flowerings represent pride and enthusiasm! Finally, pink roses give thanks and, naturally, red is for lovers and lust. Wisely select your color and let them know what you're feeling with a bunch of flowers.


Peonies are an ongoing flower choice for bouquets and arrangements around the home and the wedding season is particularly popular. Just make it a fresh peonies in a vase like Instagram influencer, strategically placed behind you in your last selfie or send to a friend a bouquet of these luscious flowers to let them know that you are thinking about them.


Peony symbolizes 'beauty in all forms,' but it also symbolizes timidity or torpor, since Greek myths tell the stories of nymphs that turn into peony to shroud their naked bodies from human eyes that wander.

As far as colour is concerned, peonies grow from blush pink to soft shaded corals as well as white, red and yellow in a variety of shades. However, you need to be swift if you want to enjoy these magnificent flowers early in the summer! Peonies only remain for a brief period during the season from April to the middle of June, making them all the more attractive!


Alliums look like something outdoors with spherical heads of flowers and a vibrant purple colour. In the summer months the flowers grow in a ball shape, on a leafless tree and appear to be striking.



When guests visit, a bunch of allium is cut and displayed in a wide vase. In typical terms, alliums flower from May to June to make them the early summer risers. You recall giant violet dandelion seeds but are actually in the onion family. When cutting them, we advise you to immediately put their stems in water to reduce the slight, oniony smell!


In every floral arrangement the ever amazing dahlia steals the light. The summer flora is ideal for wedding bouquets because it has a pulsating green feature exclusively.


We love Dahlia's unique style with pom pom, which might be mistaken for those golden sweet paper balls that look great if stretched on parties.

In a wide range of colours, Dahlias grow. Choose from pink and red styles of ombre to lively oranges and yellows of sunshine. The flowers flourish late in summer and flurry the line from the cozy autumn to the warm weather.


You simply can't go wrong with gerbera daisies if you choose flowers for a happy occasion.



Gerbera daisies are larger and bolder, but they don't have your typical daisy chain. They still have that bold center and a fan of delicate petals. Gerberas from floral arrangements are recognized as they are often featured with the addition of colored bouquets in late spring and early summer.

Four or five in a large glass vase appear incredible, but are ideal to supplement the focal floral shade with large floral arrangements. Gerberas symbolizes joy, so they're the perfect choice if you want to get a good flowers or simply lighten your birthday. Blossom in alkaline soils with ink or red flowers. This is a fact with which your friends can impress.


Freesias are delicate and fragrant flowers that are unbelievable if coupled in a large bouquet with vibrant colored roses. For prom and weddings, they are a popular choice as pastel shades add to any outfit. Freesias symbolizes friendship and trust and was popular in Victorian wedding bouquets.


Freesia is zygomorphic — a fun word to speak at your next family meeting — which means the flowers grow on only one side of the stalk. These flowers are available in an enormous range of colours, from purple shades to soft pastel pinks and cheery yellows.


Larkspur is the month of July's flora, which makes it the definition of a summer flora. When we think about larkspur, we're thinking of beautiful cottage gardens with wildflowers and untouched felicities. Larkspur enjoys full sunshine extending to the sky, with flowers growing along its trunk row by row.


Blue is the flower's most associated colour, but also in pink, red and white shades. These flowers look outstanding but take a few slices and feature them on a window to bring the lush summer vibes to your home.


 Hydrangeas are native to Asia, but they've spread far and wide over the years, and you can now find them sprouting in gardens all over Ireland. The flowers bloom in a variety of colors, including pretty periwinkle blues and blush pinks.



Blue hydrangeas are said to represent gratitude and understanding, while white hydrangeas represent purity and grace, pink hydrangeas represent romance, and purple hydrangeas represent pride and royalty. Cuttings of the plant's flowers are ideal for statement vases, as there is no need to fill them with foliage or other blooms; the beauty of hydrangea flowers speaks for itself.

When it comes to determining the color of the flowers, some science is required. We know, school seems like a lifetime ago, but it's worth remembering that blue hydrangeas bloom in acidic soil and pink or red flowers bloom in alkaline soil. That's a fact you can use to impress your friends.


 In a vase or as part of a seasonal summer bouquet, these always lovely but unusual flowers look magical. Their origin in the world is unknown – some believe they began as wildflowers in Italy or Spain – but we do know they thrive in sunshine and warmer summer temperatures.



The snapdragon's many flowers are shaped like snouts, and their botanical name comes from the word antirrhinum – 'anti' means like, and 'rhin' means nose. Plus, if you gently squeeze the flowers, they open to resemble tiny dragon mouths! It's adorable.

Snapdragons have long been associated with deception, owing to the fact that they were once the flower of choice for sending between lovers, but were almost always sent to mistresses! These days, however, they are commonly said to represent strength and are an excellent choice of bloom to send to a friend who is possibly going through a difficult time.


Do you adore summer and all of the beautiful blooms it brings? If you're treating yourself or a loved one, consider some of the summer flowers listed above for your next bouquet.


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