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Flowers As A Gift For Scorpios

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Scorpios are known for being commanding, passionate, spirited, and hardworking. If you have a Scorpio loved one and are unsure what to get them for their upcoming birthday, there are a few places to start.


Give a Suitable Gift

Scorpios are dark and mysterious, and their gifts should reflect this aspect of their personality. Gifting a set of thriller or crime novels to a loved one is sure to impress, as these types of books are right up Scorpios' alley.

Scorpios, in addition to being mysterious, enjoy standing out from the crowd. A birthday is an excellent opportunity to update your loved one's wardrobe by purchasing a stunning new jacket or a one-of-a-kind pair of boots that will leave them speechless. If you're nervous about trying to pick out clothes for your significant other, you could go the safer route and give them a gift certificate to their favorite store, but make it more special by wrapping it in a funky or unique scarf instead of a gift bag.

Consider these Scorpio Flowers

Surprising a Scorpio can be difficult, but you might be able to fool them by sending birthday flowers to their office. Scorpios, the most intense Zodiac sign, are complex, powerful, and passionate. Nothing says it better than fragrant, fiery flowers! Consider these Scorpio flowers from SophyCrownFlowers:


Peach Blossom


This scrumptious bouquet is created by a glorious medley of orange and amber blooming. It has the freshest roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums and seasonal leaves carefully crafted handmade

Sweet Thoughts


In our gorgeous bouquet striking pinks combined with white without effort. This bouquet makes a wonderful gift of deep roses and chrysanthemums for a loved one or friend.

Creamy Dessert


Our bouquet is a stunning, pastel-filled collection of roses with fabulous germini, delphinium and lisianthus. All of them have been handmade by our professional florists and packaged in our custom-made packaging.


Looking for other Scorpio flowers to send to a loved one on their upcoming birthday? SophyCrownFlowers offers a wide range of options. Today, take a look at our bouquets.


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