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Traditional Mother’s Day Flowers and Their Meanings

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It's the light that shines upon us, the wisdom that leads us and the strength that helps us to pass the hardest times. They are our mothers, grandmas, law mothers and stepmothers. They're our mothers. We would not be here without them.

Sunday, 14th March 2021 Mother's Day is our occasion to give women something back to make sure that we become the best versions of themselves, often sacrificing their lives and careers. It's an opportunity to say "thank you!" for your unconditional love and an opportunity to thank you for your understanding and commitment to us.

 The celebrations and traditions of Mother's Day are worldwide, and so do the traditional flowers of this special day. Carnations are considered as quintessential flowers of Mother's Day in many parts of the world, but chrysanthemums retain this honor in Ireland! Although it's nice to give your mother famous Mother's Day flowers, you may want to balance her personal preferences and personality with your choice of flowers.

What Mother’s Day Flowers Should you Pick?

Each flower has a unique significance and the flower you choose has a certain feeling for mother or the special lady in your life. Read about what flowers in various colors mean on Mother's Day.

Carnations as Classic Mother’s Day Flowers

Carnations are considered to be a symbol of a mother's eternal love for her children. Mother's Day is unfinished without carnations in many countries around the world. Pink or white carnations are a popular choice for mother's day with their distinctive and delicate petals.

Whereas pink carnations represent the enduring love of a mother, people in remembrance of their mother often wear white carnations. Light red carnations symbolize admiration and become another popular choice for Mother's Day. A good idea are dark red carnations if you send flowers on Mother's Day to your partner.

Pink carnations - Motherhood and gratitude
Light red carnations - Admiration
White carnations - Purity and remembrance
Dark red carnations - Love and affection

Chrysanthemums for  Ireland Mother’s Day Celebration

Chrysanthemums are the most popular Mother's Day flowers in Ireland, not only because they contain the word "mother," but also because they are plentiful in March. Chrysanthemums have long been associated with friendship and family support.

You can keep it simple by giving your mother a bouquet of chrysanthemums, or go all out with a lavish chrysanthemum arrangement - the sentiment is what matters! But, before sending chrysanthemums to their partner, mother, or mother-in-law, consider what the various colors of the chrysanthemum represent:

Pink chrysanthemums - Honest love
Red chrysanthemums - Motherly love and gratitude
White chrysanthemums - Honesty and loyalty
Yellow chrysanthemums - Sorrow and neglected love
Violet - Get well soon

Tulips as a Contemporary Gift for Mum


Tulips are suitable for elaborate arrangements of cut flower and bouquets with their many enchanting colors and graceful petals. Then it's a little wonder that tulips have become one of the most loved flowers in the world - your mother will love them too!

The colors like pink, yellow, or lilac go well with theme when you choose tulips as a contemporary Mother's Day gift. Pink tulips mark happiness and make it ideal for celebration of maternity. Want to cheer up the mother, who was facing difficult late times? The best way to represent joy and hope is by yellow tulips. Purple tulips may not be your first choice for the Day of the Mother, but you know that they are amazed? You could also choose red tulips that represent deep love if you ordered a bouquet of tulips for a partner to celebrate the Day of Mother.

Pink tulips- Happiness

Yellow tulips- Cheer and hope

Purple tulips- Admiration

Red tulips- Deep love

Lilies for Regal Mother’s Day Wishes

Few flowers approach the elegance of a lily timeless. It's a flower that plays a particular role in many cultures throughout the world. The lily is a gift from Mother's Day, as it symbolizes fertility and maternity in many cultures!


The Oriental lily is preferred all over the world, but because they last longer, come in a broad range of colors and look distinctive royal. There are several hundred lily variations worldwide.

If white sandwiches stand for purity and modesty, orange sandwiches symbolize passion and zeal. Send yellow lilies to her if you would like to thank the special lady in your life on the day of mother! Rose Lys are a good idea, on the other hand, if you want to wish mother plenty of happiness for a year.

Pink lily - Prosperity

Yellow lily - Gratitude

White lily - Purity

Red lily - Love and passion

Orange lily - Pride and confidence

Roses as a Classic Floral Gift for Mum

For Valentines Day alone, Roses are not! A bouquet of fresh roses never fails if you wish to spoil this special person in your life. Memorize your Mother's Day by looking over the roses of the grocery store. How can a bouquet of quality roses not be ordered online and sent to mother in a style?

Tell mother how much you love her with a bouquet of pink roses and how much you value her. Send its white roses as they stand for purity and honor if you would like to make your message more deep. Gladness and joy exude yellow roses. Rainbow roses are also suited to the day if mother enjoys something colorful and special! Read our guide to color and sense of gifting roses for more

Pink rose - The softer side of love
Yellow rose - Friendship, happiness, celebration
White rose - Dignity, purity, remembrance
Red rose - Passionate love
Orange rose - Pride and desire

Choose flowers that express your sentiments to make Mother's Day special not only for your mother, but also for your aunts, sisters, partner, and mother-in-law!





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