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What are Gerbera Daisies?

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The daisy Gerbera is a common flower known as the Gerber daisy, which immediately brightens a room and converts an ordinary day into an event. It is the 5th most common cut flower in the world thanks to its lovely and cheerful flowers. Gerbera daisies, a South American, African, and Asian tropical flora, are known for adding dazzling colors to bouquets, floral arrangements and open-air gardens. A single Gerbera looks just as good in a single vase as a creative combination of different colors and sizes catch the eye. Gerbera daisies grow between 8 and 24 centimeters in height and flower spreads between 2 and 5 inches. The flower's name is in honor of Traugott Gerber, a German botanist, and naturalist.




Universal All Season Beauty

Because of the warm universal elegance, which fuses perfactly with other flowers and foils, florists and flowers love gerbera daisies. You can grow and enjoy indoors and outdoors. Its vibrant, bright and extremely vivid colors are the characteristic that raises this festive flora above other common flowers. There are 30 gerbera species in the world that are wild but it is estimated that a rainboat of varieties is also cultivated by thousands of multicolored hybrids.


Symbol of Beauty And Happiness

Daisies generally have many meanings, but are commonly accepted as the classical emblem of beauty and happiness. Innocence, purety, pleasure, energy and refreshment are other meanings. Some also claim that the presence of Gerbera daisies will alleviate stress and anxiety. Gerbera translates to gladness, plain beauty and happiness in the Victorian language.



Each Color Has Special Meaning

The daisy of Gerbera grows in a wide variety of colors, each one of which symbolizes a special importance. Many people don't know that the color of the daisy is important, so we want to share their special significance. Yellow, for instance, symbolizes optimism and happiness, so that it is ideal for someone who is depressed or troubled. A red gerbera symbolizes love and passion for the day of Valentine, the anniversary or if you care. Pink symbolizes respect and recognition on the other hand and shares this color with a role model or someone who inspires you. White mares symbolize pureness, so white mares and baptisms are the ideal choice. Orange Gerbera daisies are brilliant so it's a kind flora that makes you smile to a special friend. Purple is admired to send a role model to the floral.

If you offer a gift of colorful gerbera daisy, or celebrate their happy presence in your own home and courtyard, enjoy its beauty and happy flowers all year round.





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