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We all know of star signs and birthstones, but did you know that the month in which we were born all had a birth flowers? In essence, it's a floral variant of your zodiac that has a sense of your personality.

If you think about it, by actually recognizing their birth flower, this expands the possibilities of personalizing a bouquet for your significant other, best friend, mum or even yourself. Learn what your birth flower tells about you or the personality of your loved one below.

JANUARY – Carnations
Symbols: deep love, respect, admiration and differences.

You are regarded as genuine, loyal, trustworthy and groundless. You value friendship and family, and you want to show them how much you care about them.

Symbols: Innocence, virtue, wisdom and religion

The qualities of humility and honesty are Valentine's born in February. Even if you are reserved, you're extremely loyal and thoughtful once you know people. Oh, you're also a great dreamer that makes you know and intuitive too.

MARCH– Daffoldil
Symbols: success, ingenuity, faithfulness and motivation.

Like your native flower, you can enjoy plain, smaller things of life -– the tiny buds of the sunshine. You have an art knack that makes you incredibly imaginative. You are also coordinated, comfortable and a fantastic multifunctional workshop. Thanks for your luck, if you work hard, success will follow.

APRIL – Daisy
Symbols: Purity, Innocence & Loyal Love

You have a happy-go-lucky disposition, like the essence of your childhood flora, and you never get a boring moment. You are adventurous and cheerful. The people around you value many qualities and that's why they typically find you trustworthy.

MAY – Lily of the Valley
Symbols: Modesty, pleasure and sweets

Unlike the poisonous flower of the Lily of the Valley, you are in fact considered for your delicate and sweet character and make your loved ones feel safe and well-kept. You can deal with tough circumstances, realistic, optimistic, efficient and well.

JUNE - Rose
Symbols: Anonymity, Affection and Passion.

It goes without saying that you are a true romantic with the roses like your birth flower. You have passionate and meaningful relationships. While you have traditional beliefs, this makes it easier for people to get along with you. Though you seem strong and secure, when you get injured, you fail to cover up your sorrow.

JULY – Delphinium
Symbols: Incentive, Transparency, Optimistic & Ability

You're a visionary who can sometimes make you look like an overlooker. You welcome new experiences and challenges that open up and test new things. People feel at home and enjoy your optimistic attitude, charm, wisdom and sense of humor.

AUGUST - Gladiolus
 Symbols: Morality, sincerity, commitment and power

You're a highly intelligent and successful leader and hence you are well regarded in your circles. you're a natural leader. Your power and honesty will be unmatched and charming.

  Symbols: Elegance, courage, wisdom, loyalty and love.

Perhaps you may not seem like an emotional person, but you certainly wear your heart. You are a perfectionist and you are a good listener rather than a speaker due to your diligence. You are all about the propagation of love and positivity just like your birth flower.

OCTOBER – Pot Marigold
Symbols: Warmth, Enthusiasm & Imagination

You offer warmth and light every day, like the luscious, deep golden tones of the marigola. You are motivated, polite and simple to do, so other people also depend on you for guidance or assistance. You are still thinking with personal development and change.

NOVEMBER - Chrysanthemum

Symbols: Happiness & Sincerity, Joy, Hope, Harmony, Laughter,

Like mothers, you can be hard out, but internally you're a gentle, honest, kind and compassionate, very nice and cheerful human. You are also highly protective of your loved ones, which ensures that you will spend time ensuring their protection and happiness.

DECEMBER - Poinsettia
Symbols: Good cheer, good luck and generosity

Everyone admires your charismatic, optimistic and focused personality as well as the vitality of this traditional Christmas flora. You are someone generous, satisfied and thinking with a dumb feeling of humour, all the positive characteristics for ending the year.


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