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What flowers are in bloom now.

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Think about giving a friend some flowers? Well, it makes a lot of sense to buy flowers seasonally, while still allowing you a big choice (save for winter).

There was no other way to give flowers, except during the season, before modern agriculture. Most of the flowers have not been found in the year. Things have changed over time, using technology.

Flowers are today a tradition of sending messages to loved ones and are one of the most straight-forward forms. You will save a lot of money by shopping for seasonal flowers.

For example, in spring – their main flowering season –, tulips are more likely to be affordable. Below we have learned a little about the seasonal flowers and what kind of flowers you might hope to see during this season of the year.

Popular Types Of Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are an economical and very natural way of making a bouquet. Below are some of our seasonal favorites.



For most flowers, Spring is the peak growth season. Not surprisingly many people want spring weddings! Besides the mild weather, thanks to light showers more flowers are available which keep them fresh. Spring flowering includes tulips, marshes, orchids, roses, peonies, irises, cobblestones, cherries. The opportunities are almost infinite in spring. As you can see.




Summer is another great season for flowers to thrive. Some spring flowers, like irises, overlap and summer flowers, are also considered. From late Spring to early summer they are in the season. Some popular summer flowers include sunflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, etc.




This is when the bloom cycle of most flowers starts to diminish. Of course, you'll still find some that overlap from late summer, for example; the sunflower. There are some other hardy flowering plants that bloom from summer well into fall. As such, you'll still have quite a few options to pick from such as Queen Anne's lace, cockscombs, goldenrods, carnations, marigolds, etc.



As predicted, few flowers bloom in the frigid winter season. Nonetheless, the poinsettia is a flower that defies the elements and blooms regardless of the season. As a consequence, at the end of the year, it has sold in the millions. This is due not only to the fact that it thrives in the cold of winter, but also to the stunning green and red hues - a natural color mix for the holiday season.


How To Choose Flowers By Season

Choosing flowers by season is easy because you will only have a few choices. Making a bouquet for a friend or family member, on the other hand, is a whole different story. This is where SophyCrownFlowers enters the picture.

We can help you send flowers through us, and we can recommend the best bouquet for the time of year. However, it helps to remember the above tips about what flowers are in bloom right now - so you will always be ready.

In addition to the season, you should consider choosing a flowering flower that communicates the feeling you are looking for.




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