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Why have different flowers aromas?

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                         Why have different flowers aromas? 

How sweet is the lovely scent that pours out of your favorite fresh flowers? 
The feeling after you have ordered flowers online is one of 
kind, that they are delivered and brought to your face immediately. However, how does it look like carnations, roses and other flowers? Creation, pollination and differentiation are behind the science of the scent. Please read on for more!

                                           Many pollinators

Because of pollinators such as insects, bats, hummingbirds and even wind, plants are able to grow. These pollinators transfer pollen, enabling it to replicate and spread from plant to plant. In order to draw in these agents of pollination, flowers have to make themselves attractive.

                                            Take them in 

Like fabulous floral scent, it can attract pollinators in human. Various pollinators have different fragrances attracted. For instance, types of flowers
 that have sweeter scent tend to be contaminated by bees. Blossoms
 pollinated by beetles have spicy or fruity aromas. The scents come from collection of compounds that the flora emit in the air, warning pollinators about the time to work. Maybe the most impressive thing is that two 
of the floral aromas are not exactly the same. 
Our human nose cannot tell the complex differences between the various fragrances, but it can surely attract the animals. This prevents plants 
from becoming too pollinated. Pollinators follow their smell to the exact location of the pollen on every flower to aid in the production of flowers.  The scent of a flower acts as a signal that it is ready for its pollen to be transferred to another plant, therefore keeping the beautiful life cycle going smoothly.

                                            Keep alive 

With the animals and insects that pollinate them, the smells of various types of flowers developed over time. All known and beloved flower species have been afforded the best chance of survival for centuries that benefits us all! 
Do you want to know your own composition by reading the fantastic scents associated with flowers? We look forward to the flowers of Sophy Crown now 
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