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Flowers On a First Date - the most classy and elegant court habits

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Men no longer consider giving a bouquet of flowers on a first date. Men always behave that way. Offering a bouquet or even a floral arrangement is, by the way, one of the most elegant court habits. But SophyCrownFlowers advises to surprise the lady with a class bouquet on the first date.

Only after the first meeting has passed and a start has been promised, the arrangement can be a suitable gift. It can be delivered, for example, to the woman’s workplace, a few days after the first date, to dinner or wherever the first date takes place.

As I said, the courtship ritual of a lady supported by a bouquet of flowers is very elegant, but it is certainly not the most unusual in the world. In the northern areas, hundreds of years ago, men gave the desired ladies knives. They had naked jackets attached to their arms in which the admirer could put his knife, a symbolic gesture more than speaking. If the chosen woman of her heart responded to her feelings, then keep the knife. If not, the desired woman had only to return it.

In the 17th century, when girls were more daring and could begin the courtship ritual on their own, Austria introduced another entrenched custom. As a result, at the parties, they had sliced an apple, hidden it subtly, and then offered it to the lord who had caught their attention at the conclusion of the dance. All he had to do was eat the apple slice if he agreed with the girl’s suggestion.

In 18th-century England, courtship customs took on a more complex meaning and kept getting more intricate up until the turn of the 19th century. Each movement of the fan, the number of dances they shared at the ball, their chance encounters, and—most importantly—the hues of the flowers the gentlemen offered—were signals of the two lovers' intentions.

Thankfully, things are much simpler now, and the most basic and elegant form of courtship is presenting a bouquet of flowers on the first date. These are SophyCrownFlowers' suggestions.


They are undoubtedly the flowers that convey love, admiration, or desire the best. The color code is crucial, just like it was in the Victorian era. As a result, the label specifies that roses should be any other color, other than red or white, when given as a gift on a first date. The former represents purity and chastity, while the former denotes a burning love.


Hydrangea is a rare choice for a first date. It works well for bouquets and arrangements in general. Although it has already been established that a very large floral arrangement is not the best idea for this situation, a gift of this size can still leave a lasting first impression. Additionally, hydrangeas are a flower that express sincere feelings and friendship, two elements that are absolutely necessary in a love story.


Orchid bouquets are almost as common as rose bouquets. The message you send on your first date is more appropriate about desire, opportunities, and new beginnings than about the promise of a great love or a soul mate, despite the fact that they are elegant, incredibly beautiful and resilient flowers. Therefore, the best flowers for a first date are orchids.

It is worthwhile to experience the uplifting energy of a bouquet of flowers, so every day can be a good day to give one to a loved one, your lover, or your wife.

For every flower bouquet you order from SophyCrownFlowers, you have the option of adding an additional gift, such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of Prosecco if you want to have a romantic dinner for two.


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