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Is the notion that you're not looking for anything low to do, or maybe just a little bit of spending Valentine's day at a crowded restaurant? Valentine's day should not always be a part of the traditional rituals of Valentine's day. There are several ways to spend the day with one another, to share your love which is not cliché and still make it an unforgettable day by doing stuff outside the box!

So if you'd be alone, linked or just looking for a Valentine's Day fun with your family, with these innovative and non-traditional ideas we will make sure that the Valentine's Day is cliché-free.

Work Up A Sweat

While some can enjoy delicious chocolates and fantastic dinners, you may opt to bundle some fresh air for a stroll. Boost those sensational endorphins, feel relaxed and accomplished by exercising. Alternatively, bushwalking is a major activity to communicate, hold meaningful talks and remember. Explore local trails, see beautiful landscapes and admire nature's beauty.

Watch a Comedy Show

Escape from the reality and take a comedy show with some colleagues. Look at your comedy club and book in your place for an amazing line-up of stand-ups. They say it allows people to loosen up the very act of laughing together. Alternatively, you can watch some of the best comedians live shows and download specials online.

An Astrology Fix

For the fun of it, figure out your future. In order to see if it's written in the stars and find out if you and your boo are right from the get-go, visit a psychic or get a Tarot reading done. Fortune-telling can certainly be risky, but you can learn so much about each other at your best.


Volunteer Together

The celebration of Valentine's day is all about expressing love in every event. So give love to someone else who might need it even more this Valentine's Day instead of showering love on each other. Whether it is a pet sanctuary, a homeless shelter, soup cupboards or pick up litter on the side of the road, make this day a philanthropic endeavor by returning the neighborhood. It will help you feed your soul while others feel relaxed.

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