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Think Pink: Our Favourite Pink Flowers

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In this post all is just peachy, as we're passing through a beautiful list of pink flowers.

There is pink all over the world of flowers from gentle coral tones to vibrant magentas. And pink flowers have their own history and cultural meanings just as pink itself. Pink flower symbolizes all kinds of different things according to floriography (study of the language of the flowers) – an amaryllis is unrivaled.

This is our guide to the wonderful world of pink flowers to keep anyone's blushes (though it's another beautiful shade) away from floral miscommunication.


Calla Lily

Zantedeschia rehmannii (Pink Calla Lily)


These elegant blued shades symbolize innocence and beauty and are ideal for marriage bouquets. In reality, they aren't lily, even despite the name.



These orderly beauties are a sign of love, love and wonder. Pink camellias show longing, so you most miss them to the closest and most dearest.



These colored bursts, usually a soft pink, are connected with romance and prosperity. This makes them a popular choice for weddings, but the peony is a multi-faceted flower so they are also great for birthdays, anniversaries, gifts or just add a little extra beauty to the day.



This delicate flower, also known as the Peruvian lily, symbolizes devotion and friendship. They are ideal for long-term coloring because they are well cared for for for up to 2 weeks.



These flowers are meant to strike and receive attention from someone you find incredibly beautiful, but who also appreciates beyond their beauty.



These beautiful pink petals flood gardens and houses in the summer related to the chrysanthemum flowers. The dahlia represents grace and kindness and makes you or on a birthday perfect to give thanks.



An air of mystery and luxury is one of the most popular flowering plants. They symbolize rare and delicate beauty and have need of a lot of love, to make them look best.

Pink rose


The classic image of love. Awe, flourishing love and affection represent pink roses. An anniversary truly special will be the blushing bouquet of these beauties.

Pink tulips


These sleek blooms are often taken in the Netherlands, where huge fields become a sea of amazing pink. They represent the ingredients of spring but also true love and nurture, making them a popular and appropriate choice for bouquets on Mother's Day.


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