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Valentine's Day

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                                     Valentine's Day

We are sure we live in dangerous times. It has broken our habits and stopped our hopes for the future. We all learn to live together with COVID-19 and because we were normal we are trying to recreate everything. One such reason may be that one of the most human feelings is celebrated: LOVE 
Let petals of the flower rain from heaven!

Release the words in the first warm spring breeze from a thousand poets!

Sing a thousand songs and invite the body to dance!

This is Valentine's Day!

24 beautiful hours to enjoy the one thing, painted red, pink and purple. Our favorite. Our favorite. Our unbelievable human lives are the best thing.

This is the day for love.

To say that the Sophy Crown Flowers team is looking forward to helping you on this holiday is an easy thing to do. We are crazy on Valentine's Day. Every day we eat, breathe and live with flowers. It is our passion that we can think of in the most beautiful environment. He pushed us through the floral design school and that's why we get to work every day. What words can't be said by flowers. And Valentine's Day is the time to demonstrate our good craftsmanship. It's our championship game, our mountain top, our reason.

So let us serve you.

Above all, on Valentine's Day there is no substitution for sending roses. It's a standard worldwide. One of the rare times when somebody knows the gift that they get, but when they get it they are still surprised. It is pure magic. This is pure magic. The question then: how do flowers influence your celebration of Valentine's Day?

Any tips for flowing your creativity: 

Have your partner shipped a classic dozen red roses in the glass vases? 

A bouquet of fresh spring to a dear family member?

A modern arrangement of white rose for a friend of yours?

A Dipped Strawberry Tower Fruit Couture Chocolate?

A bunch of my lovely birds, petals, essential oils and chocolates?

A Gourmet Gift Package to a mentor and a New Fruit?

A dozen long roses and Dior fragrance bottle?

A Single Rose presented at the perfect time?

Think of a single red rose journey. Growing in a greenhouse in Netherlands, it is uprooted, flies thousands of kilometers and comes to us freshly a few days before it is blooming. Hand that has kept thousands of flowers before, can be gathered and brought together in unity, shape, space, harmony and a glorious balance, prepared for decades of experience. This provides an arrangement for Valentine's day, which urges you to share your feelings towards the person who receives them. It's beyond words at that moment. So, it's not something we take for granted and strive very much to achieve the right.

Please contact us either by phone or online, so we can support you and the special people in your life to create the perfect Valentine's Day moment.

Valentine's Day Gifts

We have tried to organize our gifts according to the occasions and the type of personality of the recipient, but you can feel free to mix and match from any category, because they are simply here as a guide. Sending a gift all over Ireland has never been so easy and with such a wide range of products that otherwise you will have to spend countless hours gathering it if you want to assemble them yourself from different shops and stores.

We've been trying to arrange our gifts by occasion and the individual of the beneficiary, but you can mix and match every category because they're only here to direct you. Sending a present across Ireland was never so simple and has such a wide variety of items that if you want to assemble them from various shops and stores, you will have to spend countless hours collecting it.



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