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Feb 22, 2021


If you wish them well, anything could mean by wishing them luck or by soon getting better. There's no better way to express your support than sending flowers to brighten their day, whether it's a family member or a friend who's completing a milestone or feeling under the weather.

The first idea that arises is to give your loved one an idea of the significance for you and rightly so is usually to send flowers. Confide in us when we say that we know just how to send you a smile with happy flowers. This is the perfect gift to boost the minds. Here are some stats, combinations, arrangements and sets, which will enable you to choose correctly.

Flower Options


High and funny, daisies are the classic choice to make a sign of goodbye soon. A fast delivery is sure to shine your day with bright seasonal flowers! A mix of live daisies, chrypsanthemums, carnations and alstroemery is present in this yellow and orange film. This arrangement will elevate the spirits for a swift recovery, offering comfort and satisfaction.


If you want something much brighter to raise your spirits and encourage hope and increase your morality you can also give them gerbera daisies in big, bold colours. Give them a bunch of gerberas, ready to take their place on their bedside table, in a vase such as Ginger. Another option is Samba, an assortment of colourful gerbera daisies and foliage decorations shipped to the living room in a ceramic vase.


Carnation is said to be a common flower in the hospital, since it is allergic and lasting for a long time to give love and care to the loved one. It's an elegant pastel of roses, carnations and foliages and feminine leaves. Submitted in a glass vase, making it suitable for distribution in hospital. Moreover, the vase won't be split by a tiny arrangement!

Lilies and Roses

Lilies symbolize a wondrous line of hope, dedication and pureté, while roses are a great offering of modesty and a link with love which is universally recognized. From delicate pastels to bright colors, lily and rose are perfect to tell someone you love and wish you well. Orders a happy gift like Classic White, in a mixed environment of citrus flowers with bright green foliage! Plain white lily!

If you feel that the option is being spoiled, relieve yourself by ordering White Tenderness, a brilliant combination of lily, gerbera and roses arrangements, which will certainly illuminate its location.

Give a few days of the regeneration with a donation from our flowers and gifts, and a beautiful floral treat.

If you are searching for something during your entire visit, pick our collection. On the other hand.

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Feb 18, 2021


We all know of star signs and birthstones, but did you know that the month in which we were born all had a birth flowers? In essence, it's a floral variant of your zodiac that has a sense of your personality.

If you think about it, by actually recognizing their birth flower, this expands the possibilities of personalizing a bouquet for your significant other, best friend, mum or even yourself. Learn what your birth flower tells about you or the personality of your loved one below.

JANUARY – Carnations
Symbols: deep love, respect, admiration and differences.

You are regarded as genuine, loyal, trustworthy and groundless. You value friendship and family, and you want to show them how much you care about them.

Symbols: Innocence, virtue, wisdom and religion

The qualities of humility and honesty are Valentine's born in February. Even if you are reserved, you're extremely loyal and thoughtful once you know people. Oh, you're also a great dreamer that makes you know and intuitive too.

MARCH– Daffoldil
Symbols: success, ingenuity, faithfulness and motivation.

Like your native flower, you can enjoy plain, smaller things of life -– the tiny buds of the sunshine. You have an art knack that makes you incredibly imaginative. You are also coordinated, comfortable and a fantastic multifunctional workshop. Thanks for your luck, if you work hard, success will follow.

APRIL – Daisy
Symbols: Purity, Innocence & Loyal Love

You have a happy-go-lucky disposition, like the essence of your childhood flora, and you never get a boring moment. You are adventurous and cheerful. The people around you value many qualities and that's why they typically find you trustworthy.

MAY – Lily of the Valley
Symbols: Modesty, pleasure and sweets

Unlike the poisonous flower of the Lily of the Valley, you are in fact considered for your delicate and sweet character and make your loved ones feel safe and well-kept. You can deal with tough circumstances, realistic, optimistic, efficient and well.

JUNE - Rose
Symbols: Anonymity, Affection and Passion.

It goes without saying that you are a true romantic with the roses like your birth flower. You have passionate and meaningful relationships. While you have traditional beliefs, this makes it easier for people to get along with you. Though you seem strong and secure, when you get injured, you fail to cover up your sorrow.

JULY – Delphinium
Symbols: Incentive, Transparency, Optimistic & Ability

You're a visionary who can sometimes make you look like an overlooker. You welcome new experiences and challenges that open up and test new things. People feel at home and enjoy your optimistic attitude, charm, wisdom and sense of humor.

AUGUST - Gladiolus
 Symbols: Morality, sincerity, commitment and power

You're a highly intelligent and successful leader and hence you are well regarded in your circles. you're a natural leader. Your power and honesty will be unmatched and charming.

  Symbols: Elegance, courage, wisdom, loyalty and love.

Perhaps you may not seem like an emotional person, but you certainly wear your heart. You are a perfectionist and you are a good listener rather than a speaker due to your diligence. You are all about the propagation of love and positivity just like your birth flower.

OCTOBER – Pot Marigold
Symbols: Warmth, Enthusiasm & Imagination

You offer warmth and light every day, like the luscious, deep golden tones of the marigola. You are motivated, polite and simple to do, so other people also depend on you for guidance or assistance. You are still thinking with personal development and change.

NOVEMBER - Chrysanthemum

Symbols: Happiness & Sincerity, Joy, Hope, Harmony, Laughter,

Like mothers, you can be hard out, but internally you're a gentle, honest, kind and compassionate, very nice and cheerful human. You are also highly protective of your loved ones, which ensures that you will spend time ensuring their protection and happiness.

DECEMBER - Poinsettia
Symbols: Good cheer, good luck and generosity

Everyone admires your charismatic, optimistic and focused personality as well as the vitality of this traditional Christmas flora. You are someone generous, satisfied and thinking with a dumb feeling of humour, all the positive characteristics for ending the year.


What does your birthday say about you? Let us know if these qualities and traits resemble your personality. Share with us on Facebook or on Instagram using the hashtag #Sophycrownflowers






Feb 09, 2021


Is the notion that you're not looking for anything low to do, or maybe just a little bit of spending Valentine's day at a crowded restaurant? Valentine's day should not always be a part of the traditional rituals of Valentine's day. There are several ways to spend the day with one another, to share your love which is not cliché and still make it an unforgettable day by doing stuff outside the box!

So if you'd be alone, linked or just looking for a Valentine's Day fun with your family, with these innovative and non-traditional ideas we will make sure that the Valentine's Day is cliché-free.

Work Up A Sweat

While some can enjoy delicious chocolates and fantastic dinners, you may opt to bundle some fresh air for a stroll. Boost those sensational endorphins, feel relaxed and accomplished by exercising. Alternatively, bushwalking is a major activity to communicate, hold meaningful talks and remember. Explore local trails, see beautiful landscapes and admire nature's beauty.

Watch a Comedy Show

Escape from the reality and take a comedy show with some colleagues. Look at your comedy club and book in your place for an amazing line-up of stand-ups. They say it allows people to loosen up the very act of laughing together. Alternatively, you can watch some of the best comedians live shows and download specials online.

An Astrology Fix

For the fun of it, figure out your future. In order to see if it's written in the stars and find out if you and your boo are right from the get-go, visit a psychic or get a Tarot reading done. Fortune-telling can certainly be risky, but you can learn so much about each other at your best.


Volunteer Together

The celebration of Valentine's day is all about expressing love in every event. So give love to someone else who might need it even more this Valentine's Day instead of showering love on each other. Whether it is a pet sanctuary, a homeless shelter, soup cupboards or pick up litter on the side of the road, make this day a philanthropic endeavor by returning the neighborhood. It will help you feed your soul while others feel relaxed.

Tell us your out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day date ideas on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #sophycrownflowers

Feb 06, 2021


It's no doubt that flowers shine in a space – or anybody's day, but flowers are more than a beautiful face. You have a long history of usage over the marriage bouquet or the offering "I am sorry." The next time you check the florist's flower case, consider adding flowers to your life.


Salad nasturtiums, petals from the broth, breadcrumbs on the potatoes (OK, maybe not on the potatoes). For years, flower petals and flowers have been used by cooks to boost cooking. Squash blossoms are often picked as they shape tightly and then baked or fried with herbal cheeses. Many blooms contain nutrients, as well as vitamins A, C and beta-carotene, according to the Energy Times.


For decades, flowers such as bee balsam, jasmine and chamomile have been used to make tea. Flavor and health benefits applied to your tea to other flowers such as marigold and rosebuds. Create an iced tea for a lovely summer drink with your favorite herbs and flowers.


Install your yarn or make a craft, instead of using commercial or chemical dyes to make the cool tie-dye shirt. The common use of yarrow, saffron and golden rod is yellow coloring. Hollyhocks can create all kinds of colored dyes - they can also be used according to their colour, lilacs and onion. The best way to color with flowers is to gather your flowers in complete flowering. Then cut them into the boiling water and then add them. Enable them to boil and then cook, as Pioneer Thinks, for an hour, then you can add your cloth, yarn or something. Mind just and aside from another washroom to wash your teared textiles in cold water - at le


The flowers can be used to boost beauty products such as soap, creams and lotions. For example, Calendula is used to treat bruises, warts, eccema, gastritis and many more conditions, most commonly known as the Marigold.


The University of California at Riverside claimed that flowers have been used in medicine for thousands of years. Camomile, Hops, Echinacea, Yarrow, Wormwood, Feverfew... anything might help in various circumstances. Camomile is useful for calming stomach upheavals and can be used to soothe cuts and bruises in a poultice. Arnica can topically treat pain and Echinacea may fight and improve the immune system and combat viruses and bacterial infections.


When pressed in the wax of a freshly made candle, new and dried flowers look exquisite. You can put a floral stalk or two on the sheet if you roll your hand, and roll it in. When you mold candles, add the flowers when you go to the wax or press them outside the candle when they are released from the mold. Simply put your dried or fresh blowers on a piece of waxpaper if you don't want to make candles, pour a little wax over them and roll your candles over the wax and flowers to decorate the side.


Dried and fresh flowers can directly be sprinkled in a bath to maximize the experience. Aromatherapy may work wonders directly or in conjunction with a soap or a bath bomb.


Flowers – particularly dried flowers – are ideal for cleaning products, mixing perfectly with citrus or other aromas. A sink scrub recipe made from a baking cup of soda, one table cubit salt and a half cup of petallic rose. Pulverize them in a mixer, apply a small amount of water to wet and then rub.


Dry or new flowers could be turned into lovely wreaths, pressed onto paper to make your delicates or jeans more fresh. To make them smell. To a knitting project add dried flowers or create sachets for mates. Flowers give any type to a great gift.


Have fun with them if you have flowers on their last legs. Create petals for confetti. They are known as a perfect way to celebrate environmentally friendly... Everything! 

Can a Woman Send Flowers To A Man?
Jan 28, 2021

Can a Woman Send Flowers To A Man?

Can a Woman Send Flowers To A Man?

We have been traditionally taught that the flowers are a change for girls and other women. There's no reason why you can't send flowers to your boyfriend, brother, father or any other guy in your life. Changing the game's time!

It is certainly not unmanly to send flowers into one guy. Men might actually like to receive them as a gift because the entire experience in the delivery of flower makes them feel so special when they come with a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day. Or if you deliver an extravagant vase with a loving note to your office.

However, we understand you may be nervous that you shower with floral love a specific man in your life. You can choose the right bud for the boy in your mind, we answered your questions below.

What Does it Mean When a Woman Gives a Man Flowers?

It means the same when you give a man flowers as a man sends him flowers. Flowers are an excellent way of letting him know what you feel and the value of his presence. Any way, there's a flower to talk about it, as long as you're selecting the appropriate color and form of flora to transmit your message. The idea's warming up? Follow our florists for the right flowers to give your man:

Love Him with Red Roses

The rose is a sign of romantic love that can easily be identified. The red rose is your bloom when you say you want to love him, boyfriend or husband. A bouquet fits best; but you might want to surprise him with something more if you are in a stable relationship or if you celebrate an anniversary. A boxed or vase floral arrangement fills the air with Romanticism for certain special occasions

Be Platonic with your Man with Pink Roses

Not all with flowers is passion and romance. Admiration or love can also be conveyed. Pink roses are particularly perfect for the special men you share in your lives with. You should send family members, top friends, university or working mentors, colleagues and other significant role models a bouquet of pink roses.

Celebrate Friendship and Joy with Yellow Roses or Lilies

High-colored and sunny flowers such as roses and lily are what is needed for a friend or colleague to give a floral donation. If you wish them happy birthdays or want them to be, you may suggest to him that you think of him on the occasion of his special day by some posy, arrangement or bouquet with his buds.

The color of positiveness is also yellow. If there are reasons for celebrating, you'll enjoy thinking about him as wonderful as these activities with a flower arrangement: PromotionsSporting victories, Graduations.

All that matters is that the occasion and the message are joyous and positive.

Say I’m Sorry with White Flowers

You must apologize and give apologies if you have a dispute with your boyfriend or the man you care about or have a hard time in white flowers. Give it a bouquet of white roses, lily, orchids or gerberas apology flowers to tell it that he is in the thought, and can rely on you for assistance.

Your floral arrangement or bouquet has its meaning, not the gender, in the type and color of the flower.

Do Guys Like Getting Flowers Delivered To Work?

If flowers are sent to a workplace, the recipient is the focus of attention by design. Who would skip a box of roses or a bouquet of lily decorating a workstation or office? A floral delivery will take away the tension and attract your attention in vibrant towns such as Dublin, Cork, and Limerick.

So yeah, men want to be at the spotlight. For information about the sender, they will recall the experience of being harassed by colleagues. In the days that follow, every time they see your gift, your flowers will be a reminder that you have thought about them.

Why Send Flowers To His Office or Workplace?

There are dozens of reasons why he is delighted to receive flowers and many opportunities to give them. If in doubt, instead of an elaborate floral arrangement, choose a bouquet or a bouquet understated.

Men want to collect presents like everyone else. A bouquet or arrangement of flowers would not distract or hurt the pride in enjoying his day at work.

Is it Weird to Gift a Guy Flowers?

The answer is simple: not at all! Many women ask this question and our advice is to note that men like to receive gifts and like everyone else to feel special. You can always combine the bouquet or arrangement with another gifts, if you are not sure that the flowers will thank him or give him the right message.

It is not strange to have flowers for a guy, but one of these gifts lets you take the focus away from the flowers if you are nervous how they respond. He would instead concentrate on the message they symbolize.

Get Flowers with Same Day Delivery delivered today

So now that you know it is all right to give him flowers, all you have to do is send these flowers! It is perfect. For those surprise last minute announcements, you'll want a florist that provides delivery on the same day, or if you forgot his birthday (it happens!).

In our range you will find everything you need to make his day special and memorable. We also offer same day delivery if you order your flowers online before 1:30 Monday to Saturday.



Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

                                     Valentine's Day

We are sure we live in dangerous times. It has broken our habits and stopped our hopes for the future. We all learn to live together with COVID-19 and because we were normal we are trying to recreate everything. One such reason may be that one of the most human feelings is celebrated: LOVE 
Let petals of the flower rain from heaven!

Release the words in the first warm spring breeze from a thousand poets!

Sing a thousand songs and invite the body to dance!

This is Valentine's Day!

24 beautiful hours to enjoy the one thing, painted red, pink and purple. Our favorite. Our favorite. Our unbelievable human lives are the best thing.

This is the day for love.

To say that the Sophy Crown Flowers team is looking forward to helping you on this holiday is an easy thing to do. We are crazy on Valentine's Day. Every day we eat, breathe and live with flowers. It is our passion that we can think of in the most beautiful environment. He pushed us through the floral design school and that's why we get to work every day. What words can't be said by flowers. And Valentine's Day is the time to demonstrate our good craftsmanship. It's our championship game, our mountain top, our reason.

So let us serve you.

Above all, on Valentine's Day there is no substitution for sending roses. It's a standard worldwide. One of the rare times when somebody knows the gift that they get, but when they get it they are still surprised. It is pure magic. This is pure magic. The question then: how do flowers influence your celebration of Valentine's Day?

Any tips for flowing your creativity: 

Have your partner shipped a classic dozen red roses in the glass vases? 

A bouquet of fresh spring to a dear family member?

A modern arrangement of white rose for a friend of yours?

A Dipped Strawberry Tower Fruit Couture Chocolate?

A bunch of my lovely birds, petals, essential oils and chocolates?

A Gourmet Gift Package to a mentor and a New Fruit?

A dozen long roses and Dior fragrance bottle?

A Single Rose presented at the perfect time?

Think of a single red rose journey. Growing in a greenhouse in Netherlands, it is uprooted, flies thousands of kilometers and comes to us freshly a few days before it is blooming. Hand that has kept thousands of flowers before, can be gathered and brought together in unity, shape, space, harmony and a glorious balance, prepared for decades of experience. This provides an arrangement for Valentine's day, which urges you to share your feelings towards the person who receives them. It's beyond words at that moment. So, it's not something we take for granted and strive very much to achieve the right.

Please contact us either by phone or online, so we can support you and the special people in your life to create the perfect Valentine's Day moment.

Valentine's Day Gifts

We have tried to organize our gifts according to the occasions and the type of personality of the recipient, but you can feel free to mix and match from any category, because they are simply here as a guide. Sending a gift all over Ireland has never been so easy and with such a wide range of products that otherwise you will have to spend countless hours gathering it if you want to assemble them yourself from different shops and stores.

We've been trying to arrange our gifts by occasion and the individual of the beneficiary, but you can mix and match every category because they're only here to direct you. Sending a present across Ireland was never so simple and has such a wide variety of items that if you want to assemble them from various shops and stores, you will have to spend countless hours collecting it.